Bad Mother-Son Relationship: the Way it Affects Your Child

It is unfortunate that a lot of unhealthy mother-son relationships can be toxic and can ruin and destroy the life of the kids in a terrible way.

The relationship between the mother and her son is complicated somehow:

As the kid is growing up and learning new things in his life, he needs his mother next to him by his side, he needs her support and her love all the time.

However; there are certain moments when the relationship between the mother and the son takes a different direction, and it can leave some bad effects on both the mother’s and the son’s life.

Not only that, but it can also ruin and destroy any other relationship in their lives in the future.

Either with their friends or relatives or whoever is in their lives.

We are going to see some examples of bad mother-son relationships, and why they are bad and unhealthy, and how they affect the mother and the son’s life negatively.

Mommy’s boy

This happens when the mother is trying to do everything for her son in order to give him some comfort in his life, she makes decisions for him.

She does everything even the things that the son has to do on his own, she does them for him, and that’s a huge mistake.

It is not good for the son to depend on his mom to do everything for him, he needs to learn to take some responsibility on his own.

Sometimes, we find that the son is still relying on his mom to do everything for him, he can’t take any step further without her permission.

Here is more to it:

Sometimes even if the son has a partner, still; he is relying on his mom to do things for him, or he lets his mom make big decisions in his personal life, simply because he cannot do that or he is not brave enough to do so.

Actually, all these things can destroy so many lives and so many relationships as well.

Sometimes, in some cases, the son feels so guilty if he doesn’t involve his mom in his personal life to make decisions for him.

We are not saying here that it is so bad for a son and his mom to be so close to each other, but what we are discussing here is how to keep the relationship healthy and good.

It is absolutely amazing to love your mom and be close and listen to her always, but not the point where you cannot do anything without her, to rely on her in everything, in whatever you do, even in your personal relationship, you always need her to make decisions for you.

Anyway, there is a line that you should never cross.

Overprotective mother

It looks like moms, in general, find it hard to let go of their children, especially when they grow up and become mature and it’s time for them to go on in their lives on their own.

However, a son should always be close to his mother and takes her advice into consideration.

The mother also should be protective, loving and understanding as well, this is how it works.

Sometimes when the mother becomes too overprotective, the relationship turns to be unhealthy, and it will be destroyed completely, not only for the son but for the mother as well.

The husband substitute

This happens when the mother replaces the relationship, she should have with her husband for an emotional one for her son.

She sees and considers her son as her husband, this occurs when her real husband dies, or when she is divorced, or sometimes when she is married, but her husband is not giving her the love that she needs, or when he is abusing her.

However, it feels okay for her to turn to her son because he reminds her of her partner and he is a piece of him.

Just because the father is dead, or he’s not there to take the responsibility or to fulfill the needs of the mother, she shouldn’t use or see her son as a substitute at all. That’s a huge crime.

When the bad mother-son relationship turns immoral and illegal

Sometimes, this bad and unhealthy mother-son relationship can take a different and dangerous direction.

It can destroy the mother’s life generally, and the son’s life particularly.

Especially when it comes to incestuous sexual relationships, which is considered a form of child sexual abuse.
That was all about it, What do you think? Share your opinion with us.

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