Best Love and Romantic: Quotes for Your Boyfriend

Best Love and Romantic: Quotes for Your Boyfriend

Have you ever experienced sending text messages with love and romantic quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile? You want to explain how much you love him and how you are feeling being with him yet you can’t find the exact words you want to say to your boyfriend. Of course, most of us have been in circumstances like that especially when we are in a long-distance relationship. Well, you just have to search through your phone and you can find a lot of affection quotes for him, cute love quotes for him and love and romantic quotes for your boyfriend. 

Most of the time, words aren’t enough to describe how much you love a person. However, you can try hard because guys also love reading what you have for him like those boyfriend quotes and saying or those heartfelt quotes for him. You can use these sweet quotes for your boyfriend for coming up to different ways of saying “I love you” to your loved one. For example, you can give him a nice gift on your anniversary or you can cook for him a special dinner with those love quotes for him from the heart or you can add these quotes in your love letters for him. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter what it is that you choose. What’s more important is that you these things to show him how special he is to you. 

Love and romantic quotes for him

On the other hand, there are surely love and romantic quotes for him that will suit how you feel and will manage to define and describe how you feel for him and your relationship. These surprise quotes for him or love-thoughts for him are something more creative than saying purely “I love you.” Plus, what kind of boyfriend wouldn’t want to hear you say how you feel towards him in the form of cute love quotes for him? These quotes can be powerful during a pillow talk because it can be honest, heartfelt and intimate. So, here are some of the quotes we have for you!

“You have this incredible way of making my heart happy.” 

This quote can be used when you are just so happy with him and you want him to know that. Your heart is happy, your whole existence is happy when you are with him. 

“For all the things my hands have held the best will be always you.”

This love and romantic quote for him will let him know how your hand fits perfectly to the hand of your boyfriend and it will always be your favorite. 

“When my mind wants to find peace, you’re my favorite place to go.”

This quote can also be included in your boyfriend-poems. When your mind is messed up and you want to find peace, you can tell him how much you want to go to him because he’s your favorite place. 

“I want to be with you ‘till my last page”-A.R. Asher

Because he’s the love of your life, you probably want to let him know that you are willing to be with him for the rest of your life. This is the best love and romantic quote for your boyfriend that you can give. 

“I laugh more, cry less and smile a lot because of you.”

You can actually add this quote to your long list of “lucky to have a boyfriend like you” quotes and when you already set the moment, you can say it to him while looking at him intently; even when you are on a vacation, honeymoon or just at home. 

“To be able to say that I have lived an amazing life, I want to grow old withyou.”

This is also an amazing quote to be added for your list of love and romantic quotes for your boyfriend. You can tell this quote to him to let him know that you will only be able to live an amazing and beautiful life if you spend the rest of your life with him.

“You are my today and all of my tomorrows.” -Leo Christopher

You have told him that you want to grow old with him, right? Next, you can let him know that your life revolves around him like he’s your every day by using this quote from Leo Christopher which is one of the deep love quotes for him. 

“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in anyversion of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.” — Kiersten White, TheChaos of Stars

This quote is from the book of Kiersten White which is The Chaos of Stars. It directly says that even for a hundred times, you will still choose him and even in a hundred different worlds, you will find him because you will still choose to be with him. 

“Home is where my husband is.”

This can be one on the list of your love quotes for your husband. It just directly and simply says that whenever your husband is, that’s where your home is. 

“Every person has an addiction. Mine is just you.”

This quote simply says that he is your drug and your addiction just falls to him. 

“I wonder how I got to be so lucky when I look at you.”

This love and romantic quote for your boyfriend simply tell him how you can’t explain why you got so lucky when you met him.

“I can taste the next seventy years of my life when our lips touch.”

If you want to put a taste of connection quotes for him when you tell him how much you love him, this quote might be perfect for you. It says every time your boyfriend kisses you, you are feeling that you will live longer like another seventy years. 

“And even though I’m unsure about most things in life, I am certain that Ilove you and will continue to love you forever.”

This quote can also be added to your list of long love quotes for him.This quote can tell him how sure you are with your love for your boyfriend and you will continue to love him for a lifetime. 

Quotes are not just flowery words to be added on your love letters for your husband or boyfriend but it can also be an expression of your affection for him. You can add these quotes when you are preparing a letter for him before your wedding or you just simply want to make him feel how much you love him. These are only one of the ways on how you can make him happy. You can think of your own way as long as you are sincere about it. 

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