Breakup Issues: Is it Good to Take Love Advice From Ex?

If you just recently broke up with your partner, you might be wondering if it is good to take love advice from an ex?

There are a few connected questions that can be divided on whether or not you should stay friends with an ex. Although some want to salvage the good and let go of the bad, some would rather move on and never look back. It can be a confusing state especially when it comes to instances when your ex provides you with love advice. You are left to wonder – is it good to take love advice from an ex?

According to experts, one must be careful when it comes to staying friends with your ex, but there are couples in which this works. Essentially, it is more of an “individual determination”. Nonetheless, there are certain guidelines that all exes must follow after a breakup.

Is it good to take love advice from an ex or should I cut ties?

If the relationship was manipulative, abusive or toxic, it is impossible to shift into a state of friendship. Even if the relationship was a healthy one but did not work out, you should think first before becoming friends.

In one study, it was revealed that friendship between exes is expected to have undesirable qualities and less likely to have any positive ones.

If you are wondering if is it good to take love advice from an ex, it is best to steer clear from any outputs from your ex for now, especially when it is love-related.

There are also drawbacks if you are going to stay friends with an ex. Oftentimes, it can put you on hold from moving on into a new relationship. In another scenario, you were able to get into a new relationship and tell your partner that your ex is your closest friend – this can be a complicated case. Remember that this will not give your new relationship a chance to blossom.

Can I remain friends with my ex?

Typically, exes who have children together should find ways to stay on good terms with one another. The reason for this is that you will be part of each other’s lives.

As for couples without children, the path might be a cloudy one. Those who have dated while they were young, initially started as friends, dated casually or were together for only a short time are ideal candidates to be friends even after a breakup.

Staying in touch with an ex

For those who decide to remain friends with an ex, it is recommended to take a break first. Remember that it requires time for a person to heal. One can gain a lot of insight with time and stay away from each other.

This also includes social media as well as actual interactions with your ex. It is recommended for couples to unfriend or unfollow each other for a few months.

Remember that setting boundaries are also vital for those who decide to remain friends with their exes. A good example of a healthy boundary is limiting hanging out or texting each other. In this setting, you might wonder if is it good to take love advice from an ex – it varies on the circumstances and how your ex gives a piece of advice. If you feel that the advice given is on the positive note, you can consider them. Nevertheless, if they seem to hold you back on your new potential relationship, it is best to set it aside. Whether you are friends with your ex and provides you with love advice, you will be the one to decide whether to listen or not.

Above all, try to regularly evaluate how friendship with your ex makes you feel and be truthful with yourself. For some, it can be seen as clinging on to something, similar to a security blanket. If this is the case, it is better to let go of the friendship even if it will hurt for a while.

Final thoughts

Being friends with an ex all depends on your perspective – some can easily move on and stay as friends while others completely leave and do not turn back.

Depending on your choice, you might wonder if is it good to take love advice from ex – it all depends on the advice given. Whether your ex gives you positive or negative advice, it is up to you whether to listen or brush it aside. Remember that you are the one deciding the path to take in life.

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