Bring Laughter to Marriage: How to Add Fun Back to Your Marriage?

Bring Laughter to Marriage: How to Add Fun Back to Your Marriage?

How to bring laughter back into marriage? How to add fun back to your marriage? It’s undeniable that marriage is not easy. A great marriage does not happen magically by itself but a great marriage has to be established, worked out by each other, and consistently cared for to make the marriage fun and stable. Enjoying marriage is quite difficult because of many circumstances. Moreover, many couples are getting caught up in their everyday routine and eventually forgetting how important it is to rekindle and bring romance back to their relationship or marriage; make time for each other. 

On the other hand, there are several ways to keep the spark of your marriage alive and stable. There are simple ways of having fun with your spouse, dates to reconnect with your spouse or things to do with your husband or wife. Harmonize with your everyday life and wealth of your marriage with these things and simple ways on how to bring excitement back into a marriage. These also include ideas to keep marriage fun and keep the spark between you and your partner throughout the years. 

How to add fun back to your marriage

Put your phone aside when you are with your partner

Technologies like gadgets and electronics can affect relationships negatively and cause no more fun in your marriage. Instead of spending time with your phone for the whole day, practice to power it down for at least an hour at some points of your day and spend it with your spouse. Spending time away with your gadgets or computer can help you have more time with your spouse and get away from distractions to bring spark back into your relationship. 

Try new Dates and activities together

When going out for a date, many couples are sticking to their usual dinner and drinks routine. To prevent your date to go dull, find some things like fun marriage activities to do together. Try to go to different places, vacation spots, restaurants, take new classes, explore areas and other fun things for married couples to do together.

Meet for lunch

One of the ways on how to add fun back to your marriage is to make time to meet even if it’s a hectic and tiring day at work. Plan for a lunch date can be one of the best ways to split your busy lives and enjoy relaxing together. 

Talk and plan your dreams together

In the first stages of the relationship, it is normal to talk about your future plans and dreams while you are dating. However, there are married couples that tend to forget to continue dreaming. Dreams are surely our heart’s source of inspiration and motivation. When you plan and talk about your dreams together as a couple, you can keep your relationship alive by the enthusiasm which can encourage each other to endure the conflicts and hardships of your marriage. 

Share and make short-term and long-term goals

Being able to make future and long-term goals with your spouse is one of the best ways on how to add fun back to your marriage and ways on how to enjoy your marriage. You can try sitting together and list some of your short-term goals like what you want to achieve for the day, for the week or month; then a list of your long-term goals such as what you want to achieve for the year or for the next years. By doing this, you can discuss how you are going to work for it and can create a stronger sense of support system from each other. 

Cook meals together

It is nice for a couple to cook meals together because it will give them a chance to be able to communicate with one another like picking a recipe, making a grocery list up until the actual cooking. It is also one of the ways on how to be fun again because you can enjoy cooking. Lastly, it can improve your effective communication with your spouse. 

Go out with others

You can always go out with friends even if you are married. Going out with your friends is one of the simplest pleasures of your social life. Meeting new or old friends to hang out can be one of the ways on how to bring intimacy back into a marriage which can allow couples to maximize their social life and experience new things.

Listen to your partner

Give your partner the attention he/she needs for it can develop your closeness with one another. Ask your partner how their day has been or what are they doing and listen to what they are telling you. Make it a habit to listen and give a response to what your partner is telling you. Encourage them because you are someone they expect to support them no matter what happens. 

Remove negativity

Whenever we feel that “whatever we do is wrong” or “we can never be better”, we can’t stop bothering. We must be aware of how we filter our partner’s actions. Most of the time, when we see a bad person do one good deed, we often think negatively about it. For example, your partner has suddenly surprised you then you said something like “That’s only the nice thing that you’ve done to me in our ten years of marriage!”. You are just taking your partner’s actions negatively.

Give your partner positive compliments

Compliments are really powerful, especially in relationships. Many couples are sticking to the belief that their role is to point out what’s wrong with their partner’s behavior. Well, it was a mistake. One of the ways on how to make your husband or wife laugh is to find things to compliment them regularly. Your partner must be able to relate to your compliment.

Couples who laugh together stay together

Surely, you have fun memories with your partner and spending some time reminiscing your funny memories together is one of the ways on how to add fun back to your marriage an make your relationship stronger as well as the bond between you and your partner. Some studies have found that couples who are able to laugh together and intentionally remember about their share funny experiences are more satisfied with their relationship. 

“Remember when…” conversations

Aside from reminiscing your funny experiences, you can still go further. You can reminisce the times that you first meet or how did you meet, how did you end up together or how was your excitement of getting to know each other. These kinds of conversations can be done like pillow talks or before you sleep together. Revive the special parts of your relationship, remember how you laughed together and how excited you used to feel to see one another. 

Restore your intimacy with each other

Restore your intimacy with each other gradually. Instead of jumping back to your bed and make love after months or even years of no sex with each other, take time to spice up your relationship. Find time to kiss your partner in the morning or when you see them again, hold your partner’s hand and touch him/her. By doing this, you can have a progression naturally from day-to-day affection and intimacy. 

Well, many couples especially nowadays are too confident about their relationships and they are prepared to throw away good relationships when they go through a rough time because they have believed that they “shouldn’t do” or make efforts to make the relationship work because they are already married which can lead them to huge mistakes. If you want your relationship with your spouse more intimate and fun, spend time to practice these tips for you. 

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