Can we Still be Friends? The Role of Ex-partners

Can we Still be Friends? The Role of Ex-partners

Have you been in a situation where you are confused if you can be friends with your ex? Do you have the feeling that there is nothing wrong with communicating or talking to him since you are not aiming to be with him anymore? All you want is a casual friendship with him after the failure of your relationship since you are friends before you enter a relationship with him? To help you decide whether it is good to be friends with him, we have gathered information about the role of ex-partners about friendship. 

Being friends with your ex 

Is talking to an ex while married or keeping in touch with an ex after marriage is okay? We are aware that being friends with them is sometimes considered as a tricky or complicated matter. Being friends with someone who plays an essential part in our life can sometimes bring us confusion. The role of ex-partners is sometimes complicated, especially when you are in a new commitment. Reconnecting with ex while married, on the other hand, can be possible as long as your partner is open-minded, and you have no agenda other than being friends with him. Sometimes it is natural, especially if you have the same circle of friends. But you also have to take note of the role of ex-partners, which is not being “too close” since you now have your new relationship. 

But what if you and your ex-partner have kids? 

If you are in this situation, control and limitations are very important. Since there are involved kids, the role of ex-partners should be more defined. As long as there is a possibility to be friends with them, be it. You are doing this for your kids. As long as you know your limitations, everything will be right. How to deal with exes in a new relationship? All you need to do is to set aside any feelings (if you still have feelings for him) that you have and do everything you can for the sake of the kids. If you have an insecure, jealous partner, you need to explain to him that you are making all these sacrifices for your kids, and you know your boundaries. You should also need to teach your husband or new boyfriend to “learn how to trust your partner” idea.      

Is it okay to be “best friends” with my ex? 

A relationship with an ex-boyfriend after marriage should always be in moderation. Being friends is okay, but being best friends? I think that it is not advisable. Meeting your ex after marriage seems to be complicated at first, but it can be normal in the long run. Being friends with them doesn’t mean to be very close. There are lots of ways that you can use to be friends with them without being too intimate. Being friends on Facebook and sending him birthday texts will do. In this way, you can help your current partner not to be jealous of him.  

Prioritizing your new partner 

As part of setting boundaries with ex-spouses, you should know that your new partner should always be your priority. If your ex is one of the most important parts of your past life, you have to let go now. Since you are already with someone else, it is essential that you should take part in being the right partner to your new man.

You know what exes mean, right? It means letting go of someone who is not suitable to be part of your life. You always have to consider the feelings of your new partner. You also have to keep in mind that if your partner is threatened with the presence of your ex, then it means it is a “red flag” in your relationship. But if you are friends for a long time before your new partner comes into your life, then your partner should understand and respect your decision. 

The role of ex-partners can sometimes be complicated, depending on the situation. You have to consider some things if there are other people involved. If you want to be friends with your ex, and so be it. All you need to do is to set boundaries and know your limitations. Take note that he moved on already and you should too.

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