Cute Things to Say to Your Crush

It’s a good thing to have a crush on someone, that feeling will add excitement to your day. If you’re feeling the adrenaline while she passes by you and you don’t feel confident, but you have to be brave to admit it and express your feelings.

Oh, and the anticipation you feel when you don’t see her by thinking about the moment when you can have that eye contact with her.

That eye contact, you can have an idea to know if you really have a chance with her or not.

It’s all about the perfect time and place to express your feeling and also the perfect things you should think about. All of these things can make you feel stuck and can’t think clearly and hesitate, so here are some cute things to say to the one you have a crush on:

Tell the truth: it’s best to follow the truth and avoid telling her something because you just think she’d like to hear it. If she rejects you while you’re going to be yourself and honest; the best thing is to let her be just in your fantasy.

Be Sweet: In case you mean to her you won’t be able to make your crush like you. So the point is being your sweet self and in case she doesn’t like, read again the last tip.

Avoid being cheesy: try to avoid all those pickup lines used by celebrities on TV because apparently won’t work. They’re cheesy, unwanted and unoriginal. So just keep being yourself without copying others.

 Be original: find a way that can blow your crush’s mind like never someone tried to impress her as you do.

Be creative: a sweet and simple love letter sometimes can be enough, but sometimes a little more is needed. Just try to stay away from anything that can bother your crush, or worse, putting yourself in an embarrassing situation.

Now you have a clear idea about what you need to find cute things to say to your crush.

In case you still have doubts if the last tips give you what you are looking for and you need more ideas? Here is a list of cute things to say to your crush:

Make some compliments

In the most of case giving a compliment it’s so easy, and it shows that you care about recognize little details and that most of the girls would love and knows that there is someone who notices details.

  • You have a unique style, I love it.
  • Your hair is so shiny and falls flawlessly around your pretty face.
  • I like the style you make for your hair, it’s very charming!
  • I like the style of your shoes.
  • I also wear socks that don’t fit!
  • The dress’s just wow, you just look awesome in it!
  • You have a very nice voice; I would love to hear you singing all the time.
  • I see that that you got your nails done, they look nice with that color!
  • I’ve seen you dancing in the party, I love how you don’t care about what others could say, you dance like no one else sees, and nothing else matters in the moment.
  • You have as a smile that can light up a thousand rooms.

Invite her to hang out

You should be smart to hit the moment just perfectly, and always think of making the first step, so be brave and open the window of opportunity and ask your crush out, don’t think twice just live the moment and do it!

  • What about having some fun and playing a few rounds of miniGolf? The night is on me I am inviting you!
  • Are you hungry? Would you like that we grab something to eat for dinner?
  • If you came for a walk on the beach with me, I would love it, this is one of the best places to get to know someone.
  • What a miraculous view, it gives me more excited to see the sunset with a more beautiful view. Will you come with me to watch the sunset to make it perfect?
  • What about Coming to have dinner, I’m cooking! Bring nothing. I am going to take care of the rest.
  • How about meeting on Sunday morning and grab a coffee to get to know each other more?
  • Do you want to go with me to the concert? (mention a band name) I have two tickets but no one to go with.
  • I’d love it if you come to see ….. with me! (mention the movie title) it’s going to be amazing!
  • Do you like dancing? Let’s go to a club and dance!
  • Do you like hockey too? What about going to the game of ….with me this week, I have supplement ticket!  (mention a team name).

Pickup lines

I mentioned earlier that the pickup lines are a great no-no, but it’s specifically for the cheesy ones or the pickup lines that you see celebrities use in TV shows. There are many pickup lines that you can use to win over your crush.

  • I must call heaven because they don’t find an angel!
  • You make my sadness disappear with that angelic smile.
  • You can’t be a human you must be a camera because you make me smile whenever I am in front of you!!
  • It’s impossible to stop thinking about you, today, tomorrow, never.
  • You are heaven and I would like to get stranded in you forever.
  • Do you bath in sugar isn’t it? Because you’re so sweet!
  • You make every other girl ugly in comparison.
  • You are so cute that I forgot what pickup line I should say to you!
  • You make me feel on top of the world!

When you don’t know someone well, it’s hard to come up with something perfect to tell them without scaring them. First, play it safely to see if there are any boundaries. Start saying something that will make your crush blush!

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