Dating a Gamer: What are the Things You Should Know?

Dating a Gamer: What are the Things You Should Know?Dating a Gamer: What are the Things You Should Know?

What are the things you should know about dating a gamer? What is it like if you are dating a gamer? These are only some of the questions that would probably come out of our mind when we think of dating a gamer girl or dating a gamer guy. Well, gamers either they are casual or hardcore gamers, are actually challenging when it comes to relationships. Most people believe that video games affect relationships negatively that’s why they often or involuntarily avoid dating gamer girls or gamer boys. 

Some people may think that dating for gamers is quite hard because video games can ruin relationships. If you are a video game addict or a hardcore gamer, there might be times that you might choose to spend more time playing rather than hanging out with your boyfriend or girlfriend and they might think “why are video games more important than me?”. However, there a few things you should know about dating a gamer to understand them more and know how these relationships go. Actually, there are some pros and cons of dating a gamer. 

Pros and Cons of Dating a Gamer

Pros or Advantages

They are more socially active

Gamers are more socially active because they interact with other people especially when they are doing online games. Gamers also join different groups which have the same interests as them and they are more comfortable to talk to people. They know how to have fun and simple wins are enough to satisfy them already. 

They can settle a thing with a game

If you are dating a gamer, you could actually settle things you argue about with even just one game. You don’t have to argue with your partner for hours and stomp or slam doors. They prefer settling an argument more on a game like getting the best out of three or for example, you had a bad day, they will suggest to take it out and release your tension to a game. 

Cons or Disadvantages

They take an easy life

Gamers may actually choose to play a game rather than face the problems they have or even the responsibilities of life waiting for them. They are too fun, easy-going and young at heart. Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with someone who spends eight hours in front of his/her Xbox or computer?

They are quite insular

Gamers may find it easy to socialize but they are often uninterested in other people’s cultures, hobbies or passions. They just like hanging out with people with the same interest as them and talk about games all day. 

They don’t stop until they win

When gamers lose a game, they will surely ask for a rematch. If you beat them two out of three, they will be upset and unsatisfied with how they played the game so they are going to challenge you for a rematch. It’s a never-ending circle.

Things You Should Know About Dating a Gamer

Gamers can be a problem in some relationships but they can also be sweet and faithful. Remember, not all gamers are the same. Here are a few things you should know about dating a gamer. 

“Let me finish this first..”

One of the few things you should know about dating a gamer is that when a gamer says “let me finish this first..”, they could mean many things and understanding the nature of the games will help you determine what they actually mean. For example, they could probably be trying to get to the next level, they could be trying to finish the mission they are in, or they are trying to beat a monster. You might think that they are going to finish in 5 minutes but it has been already 2 hours. Honestly, if you this slide often, your partner might continue this habit. Lock them to a certain time only, talk about it and both of you must agree on the time. 

They wouldn’t understand what you are saying during a game

Gamers are too concentrated and serious when playing a game so it’s better not to talk about something serious when they are playing. They wouldn’t understand anything about it. When you are too concentrated on beating someone at the game, you’re not going any quality answer from them and you’ll just get irritated which can lead to a fight. Even they pause the game, after few seconds, they will go back to it again. Don’t expect your partner to remember what you’ve said while they are playing the game. It’s best if you tell them about it right away before they start or when they are done because they are in a better mood.

Don’t beat a gamer at his/her own game

Gamers find it so much humiliating if they are beaten heavily at their favorite game by their in-experienced partner or even by a non-gamer who just tried the game for the first time. You might get into a lot of rematches and they won’t stop until they win. If you are both gamers, this might work but if you are not a gamer and your partner is and you want to experience what it is like to play with him/her, weigh his/her temper and play with him/her when everything’s going smoothly. Beating them for the first time destroys them a lot and they wouldn’t forget it for a week or even for the rest of their lives. 

They don’t like suggestions or help

A gamer guy or a gamer girl doesn’t like it when you walk to his/her room and start screaming suggestions to him/her. It would just put more stress on them especially when they are in a difficult situation. For gamers, if they didn’t think of the suggestion you said and it actually helped them, they may feel that they didn’t finish the game by themselves and they feel frustrated about that. The feeling of getting achievement within them decreases. It is better to give them words of encouragement. On the other hand, you can also ask them if they need some help. The bottom line here is that communication is still the foundation of your relationship. 

A “Good Night” doesn’t actually mean they are going to sleep

Gamers would actually tell their partner to sleep or they are a bit sleepy so their partner could stop texting them and they can continue the game in a long night. If you are living apart, your partner might text you around 11 pm and say that they are going to sleep already but actually they are not. What are they actually doing? They are having the time of their lives by playing their favorite games. It is one of their white lies to play in peace. However, if you are living together, they might come to bed to go to sleep and once you fell asleep, they’ll quietly go far from you to play the game. 

These are the few things you should know about dating a gamer. It takes a lot of attention and focuses on a game. For couples who play video games together, it may be a lot of fun for them. However, it can also mean a lot of hours spent not working on their relationship or talking about the problems they have, avoiding serious or difficult conversations. The problems that need to be solved faster can grow until they become a big issue in the relationship. It is not bad to play video games or date a gamer. If you are already in a relationship with a gamer, work your relationship by understanding each other, spending time for each other from time to time and don’t drown yourself on games. Communication and intimacy are still the most important things in a relationship.

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