Dating an Emotionally Unavailable Woman

Dating a woman that is emotionally unavailable can be pretty traumatizing or it can really be freaking confusing and it can be hard for you and it could be hard  for her but here’s a thing, a lot of people chase someone that doesn’t even know how to love themselves and that’s where relationship stem to have problems so if you are a man that is looking for a healthy relationship, a well-balanced relationship, and you are loving someone that doesn’t love themselves and your looking to save someone you might have a self-esteem and confidence.

For boys out there who think that they are dating an emotionally unavailable woman, and for the girls out there who think to themselves as emotionally unavailable,  this article is a good read for you to fully understand why women are emotionally unavailable. 

Know-how to Deal With An Emotionally Unavailable Women

Watch out those who are emotionally unavailable women who are faking their feelings for you, because there are women out there who will make you fall in love. These are the types of girls who will empty your bank account while cheating on you with multiple guys or she might just want to play mind games on you or she is a narcissistic person and she’s just using you to feel good about herself so be careful. 

Avoid getting head over heels with her as much as possible and try to hold back your feelings until you’re 110% sure that way. If things don’t work the way you wanted it to be, then just try to move on so that there won’t be that severe fractionation. It doesn’t seem like you’re trying to “pick her up” and there’s no need to commit yourself to a relationship. You can do it if you talk to them seriously.

She will eventually surrender herself to your mind, body, and soul with fractionation and you’ll get a woman to open up to you on a deep level and soon you’ll know everything about her and if she is emotionally unavailable then you’ll soon find out the reason why she keeps on coming back.  Going on that kind of woman can be a hard thing because you will be in a world of being hurt.

Fractionation gives you the ability to avoid women and making a hole deep into her soul. When done in a correct way, she will get head over heels with you and surrender her mind, body, and soul. And the best part of that she will have no idea why. She just thinks that you are her soul mate for understanding her deeply unlike the other guys and because you are always being there when she needs you the most. 

Signs that a Woman is Emotionally Unavailable

  • If you’re dating an emotionally unavailable woman and she only uses like impersonal means of communication, for example, she only texts you, she only emails you, she only talks to you like whatever anything like that and they try to distance herself  from you when she is done trying to use every possibility to keep you. Because if they start to let you in then you will know more about them and then you will have the ability to hurt them because they are vulnerable. They don’t want that, it’s a big red flag.
  • If you are dating an emotionally unavailable woman and she does call you, but the only call you at weird times like 12:00 midnight or 1:00 in the morning maybe you only see her like every Wednesday that’s weird like that’s straight-up just weird a sketch it makes you wonder what she is doing. Everybody is different, everybody has their crazy schedules. Sometimes it could be subjected but you should have questioned the credibility of that.
  • If all your conversation is just like on a surface like you don’t talk about anything deep and if you do talk about something deep, it’s like you’re the one talking a person that you’re talking to. She doesn’t let you be very mysterious like you gotta fight to find out more information about her because she doesn’t want you to know what she wants to keep you at that distance then like this a huge red flag. 
  •  If she is purposely keeping you away from a very big part of her like none of her friends know who you are, the family doesn’t know who you are, then that is questionable. Because that would hurt you. You’ve been in the situation that you are hurting yourself because of her and you only like to stand up and smile. In that way, you deserve someone better. It makes you wonder if you are not important enough for her or a part of her life, or she is hiding something.
  • If she doesn’t like to cuddle you wonder, because she doesn’t want. ItS like she doesn’t want you to be emotionally connected to them. She doesn’t want a relationship, she doesn’t want something deep. They’re cool to be like friends and just doing the do and being out. That’s a big thing right there that the person is emotionally unavailable and she is not ready for a relationship and if that’s what you want, that’s something you have to pay attention to.
  • If she has a commitment problem like she dates other guys like 3 months or 4 months ago and then she’s done, she’s like a serial dater. That is a huge red flag because it means that they get bored so easily. They do something wrong with that person and instead of sticking it out they just moved on and ready to be out again, as simple as that.

Wrapping up

Dating emotionally unavailable women takes a lot of courage and patience, and because they are vulnerable,  you need to be wise. You see women get this way because of past events like, maybe she had a screwed up childhood. More likely, she is a girl with daddy issues or her first love cheated on her and she doesn’t trust men anymore or, she got dumped by the love of her life and is bitter about it or maybe she is focused on her career that she doesn’t time for any relationship.  

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