Does Astrology Really Matter in Relationships?

Astrology is a branch of science that studies the heavenly bodies like the stars and the planets. In connection with this, in life, we have the ever famous “Horoscope”. Horoscope is the foreseeing of the person’s future based on the positions of the heavenly bodies at the time that person was born. 

When you are in love, you tend to be superficial. You believe in the things that you never thought you believed in. You ask questions like “Does the stars hold a future for us?”, “Does astrology really matter in relationships?”, “Does zodiac compatibility really matter?”, “Should I believe in astrology compatibility?”, “Does horoscope matter in relationships?”, “is an astrological sign at all important in a match?, “How important is astrology in relationships?” “Does horoscope really work?” Sounds funny right? But when you are in love, asking these questions will never make you feel embarrassed.

When we are in a relationship and if we love that person very much, we tend to hold on to that very small hope. We tend to ask many questions on how to make the relationship long and lasting. We prayed to every saint we know to keep that person in love with us. We even submerge ourselves in one of the most peculiar things- believing in horoscopes.

The answer

Astrology or horoscope affects every aspect of our life. It has always a say to every event that happens in your life. But does astrology really matter in relationships? The answer is, it depends upon what you believed in. Horoscopes or astrology will only matter if you will make it matter. We are the captain of our ship. We hold the decision if we will continue to be in love or not. The stars can be just your guide but do not let them control your life. No one could ever tell who, when or where you will be in love. Do not let yourself be curtailed by an unreliable basis. What if that person is the right one for you but you chose to choose the different one just because your horoscope tells you to. Meeting the people in our lives has reasons. We don’t just meet people for nothing. Be open to whatever may happen in your life. Letting yourself going with the flow and enjoying the feeling and the journey of being in love is one of the best feelings that are worth treasured for. No holding backs and no regrets. Next time, never ask “does astrology really matter in relationships again and let yourself be controlled by coincidental things that happened by the time you were born that were given meaning by those people who are just being fascinated by the position of heavenly bodies like the stars and the planets.   

Words to ponder

There are a lot of things that we believed in. Some may be true and some maybe not. Horoscopes may give us the slightest idea of what will happen but should we curtail our freedom to choose and decide for ourselves just because we are deviating to what our horoscope may tell us? Trust, love, loyalty is one of the few things that should matter in a relationship. Trust your partner and being loyal to him or her at all times makes the relationship lasting. Loving each other and not doing something that may cause pain to one another makes the relationship sweeter.  Whatever happens in our life, the stars will not move for us. It means we should not depend on our life on it. We should not let it control our happiness, stop our privilege to choose what we want in life and our right to make decisions for ourselves.  

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