Does God Forgive Adultery and Accepts the New Relationship?

Going back to the point that says divorce is an unforgivable sin, other people believe and think that adultery is an unforgivable sin as well, is it true?

Of course, adultery is different than having sex before marriage. A lot of Christians believe strongly that God forgives people if they had sex before getting married.

But this doesn’t mean that this thing is okay or permissible. Having sex before getting married is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually disastrous.

There is forgiveness for sure and restoration as well for such sin, but it comes usually with numerous long-lasting effects that you will pay later on in your life, Always keep in your mind that there is no good in forbidden things.

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When a married person has intercourse with another person, who isn’t their spouse, it is also counted adultery. Likewise here, for this situation, a lot of Christians believe that there is always pardon and forgiveness for all the sins even adultery.

A lot of them think if a married individual does adultery, they can be pardoned by God as well, and the marriage can be reestablished.

Nevertheless, just as with having sex before marriage, there are so many long-term and disastrous effects and consequences for getting involved in adultery.

Regardless of whether God pardons adultery, this does not mean He rub out the impacts and results that originate from adultery.

 The risk of this sin is not that God cannot forgive it, it is forgivable, but what I’m talking about here is that adultery destroys marriages and so many lives.

Even though there is a particular type of adultery that plenty of Christians think that God won’t pardon, some accept and believe strongly that there is a sort of adultery that can’t be excused and forgiven by any means.

This sort of adultery is the one that comes because of separation, and I mean here divorce or remarriage.

This sort of adultery is because of divorce or remarriage.

Adultery: the unforgivable sin

Many Christians believe that regardless of whether God allows people to get separated (Matt 19:10), such people may not remarry again as long as their ex-partner is alive.

  The question is Why not? The appropriate response is because the marriage keeps going as long as both the spouse and the wife live.

 For instance, on the off chance that somebody got hitched after a separation, as indicated by this view, at that point, that individual is living in a condition of constant adultery for the rest of their lives.

The sound thing for this view is taken from Matthew 19:9, where Jesus says that anyone of you who got divorced and remarried someone else again submits adultery indeed.

Is it true?

The rational thing for this view is taken from Matthew 19:9 where Jesus says that anyone of you who got divorced and marries someone else actually commits adultery.

People who support this view see that since a divorced person remarries again is living in adultery, they cannot properly confess it or repent of this sin except if they do they get re-divorced and then re-marry their first spouse and then there will be a chance for them to be forgiven for sure, the person has two divorces instead of only one the “sin” at that point, the sin can just intensify in earnestness and gravity.

The implicit premise behind the idea that adultery is intolerant and unforgivable is actually established on the belief that for a person to go to heaven when they pass away, they shouldn’t have any unconfessed or hidden sin in their life.

 But in case a person is divorced once and got married again which leads to adultery as most Christians believe, at this point regardless of whether they admit their wrongdoings and sins or not, they are still living in it indeed, and that implies they can never completely atone it at all.

Do you see any logic here?

Even if someone who divorced and remarried again may be sorry for the things they did, they cannot fully repent and get rid of their sin completely because they are living in a continuous state of adultery.

So, divorce and remarriage is the reprehensible sin, and the reason why is because the person who did this is in a fixed condition of sin and wrongdoing, in a nonstop way, continuous.

So for the people who accept that adultery is unforgivable at all are not taking this point from the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 12:31-32 about the unpardonable sin, yet, they are actually they are basing their belief on this point, for instance, if someone passes away and they haven’t confessed their sin yet, they will not spend the afterlife with God at all.

Let us see how adultery is not an unforgivable sin.

Why adultery is not an unforgivable sin as they assume?

Same as the point that saying divorce is

Unforgivable itself, the idea that adultery is an unforgivable sin is actually based on the misunderstanding of God’s leniency and the boundless absolution that God has.

We all know that there are two kinds of forgiveness, the first is unconditional and given to everyone, and the second one gives you the sentiment of being discharged and the sentiment of deliverance as well.

After the enslaving power of sin, we notice that the idea that God does not forgive ongoing adultery is completely incorrect.

God does forgive people always, his doors are always open for the ones who are asking for forgiveness, and all the types of adultery will be forgiven once you ask for that, don’t ever lose your faith.

At the same time, there are some progressing impacts and results in adultery.

God wants to save us from a significant number of them, yet we ought to admit and apologize for our wrongdoings and sins, and we need to seek to work with Him in order to reestablish all the broken relationships that we do have in our lives.

What do you think about this? Share your opinion with us.

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