Does he Need Space or is it Over?

Space can be a vague word.

If your boyfriend, lover, significant partner or spouse demanded a little “space” for you and him, it can be a warning sign of an impending doom in your relationship as it can only bring aloofness, distance, and separation which may or may not be good in fixing your relationship depending on the situation you are facing in.

It can be a tough relationship problem that should and need to be fixed right away but sometimes you cannot force out things in life because it always flows simultaneously.

What are the signs that it is over for us?

He is already seeing someone else

Whether you have seen it or your friends have told about it if your man is already seeing somebody else while you are in a relationship break or space as he calls it. It may be a sign that things in your relationship aren’t working that well or he may be having more intimate and passionate feelings over someone else than you.

If he asks for space and is already seeing someone else it might also indicate that he really wants to end his relationship with and he is just too afraid to confront his feelings because he might have been used to the comfort of the commitment of being in your relationship.

Your relationship with him is becoming a one-sided communication spree

If you are still living together in the same house and sleeping still in the same bed but might feel his cold and indifferent approach towards which includes uttering of few and sometimes no words, cold facial expression which signifies the lack of intimacy and care.

Many psychologists claim that a one-sided talk or communication meaning that you are the only one talking to him and he responds with less than words that you expected it can be a sign that he is slowly starting to lose interest which could be a red flag sign in your relationship especially if you feel like he is for keeps.

The two of you keep fighting 

If he asks for space because of your fights that become a daily habit it can be a bad sign that he might really be over you. Stressful and toxic actions and capabilities in a relationship can cause it to fall apart such toxic actions are the fighting and endless arguments that can be due to serious or petty things.

He is tackling another different problem that is not necessarily related to you or your relationship

A man will always have a different mindset and thinking compared to a woman. Men will always have a hard time focusing on relationships if they’re struggling with certain issues in their life that they want to change or fix. Sometimes these problems include power struggles, financial or educational, attainment, fixing of a family problem or coping of the loss of a loved one or even his awakening sexuality.

He is struggling with his own and if he wishes to face those problems alone without the burden of your relationship let him be. If he wants to take a break because of his own internalized problems let him be, just make sure that he has a support system because that’s what love is.

Always remember a time for space or any kind of breakups isn’t the end of the world, sometimes it is just an experience that needs to be seen and analyzed thoroughly.

How do I keep him?

If he demanded space and you gave him just that then it is a good vital step of rebuilding your relationship with him because at the end of the more force and pressure you put on to him the more he will feel your relationship to be invaluable and he will likely go away.

Pressuring him to come back to you and fix your relationship will do no good because it only reinforces the idea that your relationship should be a situation that should be escaped. Instead, if he demanded or asked space from you then take a break with him too. 

Enjoy your life with your own friends and treat yourself, be like a single woman in your recent relationship break, relax and take a break too because if your relationship will last it will still come back together with no matter how long it is. If he is ready to be back with you, you can try asking him to go with you in a counseling or therapy session to be able to commence any problem you are facing.

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