Does He Really Love You – Signs That he Will Come Back to You no Matter What

Does He Really Love You - Signs That he Will Come Back to You no Matter What

Have you ever been broken up with your boyfriend? Trust me, I know how much it hurts. You start to ask yourself questions like “does true love exist”, cry yourself every night, stay at home and not eating as much. But then one day, you just sort of snap out of it and felt like you do not need to be this way because you believe that if someone is meant to be in your life, they will come. If he truly loves you, he will come back no matter what. So you, as cliché as it sounds, started to pick up the pieces and got back to your usual self: the happy, optimistic you. Everything was going really well for you, you did great! You pulled yourself out of that very grim point of your life.

One day, you were on your way to the office, you suddenly heard your phone ring—it’s him. After a couple of months, he reaches out to you, and there it started—you were talking to one another every day, even met up with you a couple of times. You had a strong gut feeling that your ex will want to come back and be together with you, and you were right. A couple of days in, you were right. He asked if he could get one more chance and be with you again. You were right because you saw the signs that he will come back even after you have broken up. These were the signs you saw that led you to think that way.

1. He initiated the communication.

If he texts you, calls you, messages you on your social media, or reaches out to you be it in any form, you can bet he has been thinking about you during the no-contact phase you had. Actually, if you ask me the question “does he miss me” and asked for signs, I’d say there is a really good chance that he does miss you if you received a text from yes. There is a good chance that he had been thinking about what had happened. But sure, he might have just texted you because of something really important, but see, if he does not want to get back with you, he will not want anything to do with you and not speak with you if possible. See, sometimes if you cut him off, he will miss you.

2. He never cut ties with your family and friends.

Sure, maybe he really felt like he was really part of your family and your friends have gotten really close to him. Although he could just really be a person who stays friends with everybody, this could still be a sign, all the more if he speaks to them about you!

3. He asked if you are already seeing someone else or if you are interested in someone else.

Checking if he has competition? Probably. He is probably scared that you are seeing someone new and that he won’t have a chance to get you back. At this point, he is most probably checking if there is the slightest chance of you two getting back together. If you still love him and would like him to come back, then this is really good news for you! If he leaves, just let him go. You will find that giving him some time after the break-up will help make up his mind. Let a man see what he can get, or lose, and in this case, he is losing you.

4. He was the one who kept making plans for you to meet up and spend time together.

If he no longer has feelings for you or if he really no longer has feelings, he’s going probably going to be busy on his own life—more focused on his job, more time to hang out with his friends, and all that stuff. But if he keeps making plans for the two of you, then let me tell you, he still might have feelings for you. Of course, who would not want to be near a person’s crush, right? Who would hate spending time with someone they’re in love with?

5. He made it clear that he was also not seeing anyone, nor does he fancy any girl.

“No, I am not seeing anybody”. Clear as day. If he says this to you, he might be giving you a hint that he is available! If he is no longer in love with you, he is probably going to go out and see other women. So, this is another positive sign!

6. He accidentally calls you by the pet name he calls you by when you guys were still in a relationship.

Classic. He might actually do this on purpose, even. He is hinting that he still remembers certain details from your relationship, and him bringing up that pet name may actually mean that he misses that.

7. He just acts like the break-up did not happen.

He just, sort of, picked up where you guys left off. He just starts to give you a ride home without asking him. He texts you non-stop, calls you every now and then, asks you to come with him at certain family events because he says his family misses you. If he acts like the break-up never happened, that there is a good chance that he wants to resume what you guys had. He wants to get back with you.

If you ask me what makes a man come back after a break-up, I will tell you: it’s love. True love, sometimes, has a habit of coming back. If he truly loves you, he will come back no matter what. If you have been stuck in the phase where you kept asking “should leave him alone or keep trying”, my advice would be giving him space. If you leave a man alone with his thoughts, with time, he will realize what he wants. They say that if someone is meant to be in your life, they will come back. So, to finish things off, will he come back? If he really loves you and still feels that love for you, he will come back when he’s ready.

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