Effective Ways to Avoid a Married Couple

Effective Ways to Avoid a Married Couple

Being married is one of the happiest points in a person’s life. He or she is entitled to be “the one” of his or her partner. However, there comes an instance that a person doesn’t want to engage in the world of marriage and has developed allergies hearing words such as a “married couple”.

For some reason, these persons might have been traumatized by his or her unbearable past and keep on avoiding married couples being crossed along the street or on occasions they have attended. I know being in this situation is somewhat tricky to deal with. You must first identify that this person is married or not after you direct to avoid that person in front of you?

How to avoid a married couple and save yourself from the burden they keep giving you from time to time? Here are some of the effective ways of avoiding one of them:

Look for that special ring in their fingers

Rings are the very foremost indication that a person is married or is about to engage in marriage. It is one of the signs that will give you a smooth way to avoid a married couple. It will not be hard for you to compose yourself and make a move because you were already oriented that he or she is a married one. There you will find peace within yourself and continue for a walk.

Find yourself a place for “self-time”

Finding yourself a place for “self-time” is quite a usual thing to do when you opt to avoid a married couple. Surely in every place you go, you might chance upon with a couple and you have nothing to do with it but to endure the eyesore. In order for you to avoid a married couple, find yourself a place where you feel at ease and light- an alone- time you may call. Try this one in an open and peaceful field where you could feel the kiss of the sun and hugs of the air. 

Do not force yourself to attend certain occasions

An occasion is an event where married couples are really there to be part of someone’s memories. When you do not feel like attending such occasions because of fear of crossing paths with a married couple, do not push yourself hard. Your reason is more than enough to make yourself feel free from pain and that’s what more important now.

Focus on your goal

How to avoid a married couple without hesitation and frustrations? Set a goal and be firm in achieving that. Focusing on the goal of avoiding a carried couple is one of the best ways to free you from underlying pains of marriage. If you happen to chance upon one of them, literally avoid them. No more how’s, just avoid them and follow your track.

Keep a cool mindset 

What makes up a cool way of avoiding a married couple is keeping a cool mindset. Think of your reasons and reflect if your reasons are reliable enough to push yourself from doing things. Do not be blinded by a half-way ground. Why are you avoiding a married couple? If you were able to keep in mind your focal point, surely things will move like a river.

Take a thought:

There are lots of ways on how to avoid a married couple being scattered along your way. Keeping up your pace, always remember to be wise in every step you take. Of course, you cannot avoid married all throughout your life. You have to conquer your weaknesses in order to become better. No matter how things end up, it still depends on how moves your way through these decisions.

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