EV Cars For Sale Continue to Gain Momentum

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There’s no question that the path for cars is shifting from gasoline to electricity, and quickly. It’s a move that needs to happen to combat global warming and air pollution. But that doesn’t mean that the transition will be smooth and easy for automakers or consumers. As a recent article from our sister publication CAR Magazine points out, several factors could derail the growth of electric vehicle sales. These include the aftereffects of the pandemic, broader financial conditions, and global trade relations.

Finding Your Future Ride: EV Cars for Sale

But despite the uncertainty, there are signs that EVs are continuing to gain momentum. As the chart below shows, EV cars for sale are up across most major automakers this year. Every manufacturer in the chart sold more EVs this quarter than they did during all of 2022. The EV share of total sales is also up significantly, hitting over 8% in the US as of Q3.

Regardless of these hurdles, many manufacturers are still adamant that their long-term commitment to EVs hasn’t wavered. Ford, GM, and VW have all expressed this in recent press releases. And even Tesla, which has been a leader in pushing the industry forward, isn’t slowing down. That’s in large part because it has new models that will appeal to buyers who were previously worried about the cost of going electric. For example, it’s launching a $35,000 compact SUV that will compete with the popular Model X and Y from other automakers.


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