Everything you Need to Know About Queer platonic Relationship

Everything You Need to Know About Queer platonic Relationship

Have you ever heard about this queerplatonic relationship and what it is all about? Well, perhaps we all don’t actually know what it is too. For instance, we’ve just heard about platonic love or platonic relationship which means definitely two people being in love and committed to each other but having any sexual intercourse going on through their relationship. Actually, some people are still doing this kind of thing and even countries.

This may not be a modern relationship that involves having intercourse nowadays but with this kind of type of relationship, people preserve their virginity to the person they are going to marry. It’s not really preservation but it’s more on the traditional side and the respect and trusts your partner. Now that platonic love or relationship has been defined, a queerplatonic relationship is simply the other way around and you might get too surprised that you might actually be in this kind or type of relationship. 

Queerplatonic relationship

You may have search clues and meaning about a queerplatonic relationship on Reddit or what is queerplatonic marriage? Is there even a queerplatonic flag? Or what is a queerplatonic relationship like? Worry no more because we’ve got some hints about this queerplatonic relationship and soon you might be asking someone to be your queerplatonic partner.

Queerplatonic relationships or also known as QPR is a relationship wherein the union is divided into being a romantic partnership and “just friends”. Now get it? If not, well for some instance it’s like you are dating exclusively but not fully committed with each other but just friends. No expectations, no limitations and no uncertainty at all. See, in this modern era, you might perhaps say it’s “Friends with benefits”. Well, kinda. Now would you like to dig into someone and have a queerplatonic dating? 

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So as to platonic relation of love and relationships, a queerplatonic relationship is being open to any kind of things and activity. You may not be together but you may do things that usually couples do most of the time. Plus, queerplatonic is relatively open to any gender and can be experienced by anyone. So when we say that queerplatonic relationship is something that usual couples and married people do.

This involves being dominant in bed or by simply having intercourse with one another. Kissing, holding hands, hugging, texting cute goodnight text with each other and other stuff that might be able to think of. Then again, you must be mindful that this relationship will not go further beyond any kind of commitment. You are just simply romantically attracted to each other, agreed upon certain things and or can be certainly just friends. You might perhaps be taking some queerplatonic relationship quiz right now and evaluate if you yourself are qualified…perhaps?

On the other hand, it may also be quite a platonic love relationship as sexuality or eroticism and romance. Wait, is there even a platonic life partner? Well, actually there is. But they quite started as Platonic Best Friends and turns out into more or something else. If you’ll look it over the internet you might find more results of platonic love and relationships than queerplatonic relationships. However, if you go through Youtube you’ll discover some videos and even documentaries about a queerplatonic relationship which is certainly interesting. 

Just a heads up, most of these queerplatonic relationships happen with the LGBTQ Community. There’s nothing wrong about it, you’ll actually be amazed and somewhat inspired about their relationship with each other. No judgment, just love, and understanding.

Labeling queerplatonic relationship

Most people don’t know that they are actually in a queerplatonic relationship. Why? Because they are simply having fun and enjoying the presence of each other without any pressure or any judgments at all. Labeling queerplatonic relationships is something like labeling something with your own freedom. You’ve got the chance to label what kind of relationship you have. We don’t know, is just about that you love to cuddle or just an alterous attraction? So whatever it may be, you may just define it like “Two unicorns over cloud 9” that’s how you define and label it. 

Labeling Queerplatonic relationship is not something these queer people would possibly like. They just go with things and never mind all the negativities that people could throw them at. Eventually, again, they don’t know that they are in that kind of state of a relationship. 

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For example, you and your long best has been together for about 10 years (guess that’s childhood friend though) You grew up together and by the time you reach the right and legal age you decided to protect each other by your simple ways. You are never shy to show other people that you are kissing one another (cheeks or lips), you are hugging tightly one another, you’re holding hands while walking and other necessary things that couples really do. Now, you discovered that you are in a queerplatonic relationship, you decided not to end things and keep this thing going because this can make you happy.

You both understand that if you definitely labeled this as “boyfriend and girlfriend” you are entering into a commitment.

Which one of you might not like. So staying where you are, you decided to make it queerplatonic and just be yourselves. Well, that’s it. You’ve never even known ever since not unless you ask someone to be your QPP or queerplatonic partner.

Queerplatonic vs best friend

Queerplatonic vs best friend is something you might get confused with. Whether you have that friend or best friend, you can enter a queerplatonic relationship with them. Yes, it is odd that you kiss and hug each other and you hold-hands together but if you think you literally enjoying those kinds of things without a doubt.

Then, no wonder you have a queerplatonic relationship with your best friend. Guess it much safer for you to have that kind of relationship with your best friend. No commitment at all, just both of you enjoying each other’s company. Right? Still, it is up to you if you’re going to push through this relationship. Don’t just search qpp over Tumblr or know what the meaning behind alterous. Queerplatonic might work for you and your best friend and somehow it might not. The best thing to do is to know where both of you are standing at. 

In summary

Whatever kind of relationship you might want to dig into, it is most important that you understand and enjoy each company on your journey together. A queerplatonic relationship does not necessarily apply to all people who don’t want to be committed and get into some romantic things together. It may be a queerplatonic attraction or something else but it is suggested that when you like someone, don’t be afraid to try and close your door to possibilities that he or she might be the one for you. Above all, we are made in this world to multiply and happy eternally with our destined partners. Who knows? Maybe your female friend has feelings for you!

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