Fear of Commitment: How to Avoid Romantic Commitments?

Are you one of those people who are afraid of commitment? There are specific reasons why some people are worried about romantic obligations. It is maybe because they thought that this kind of relationship could bring them stress rather than happiness and excitement. Ways on how to avoid romantic commitments are created for people like you who are afraid of entering a romantic relationship. 

How to know if you are afraid of romantic commitment

Before actually knowing the ways on how to avoid romantic commitments, you should know first if you have a fear of commitment. Here are the signs to see if you have commitment avoidance issues. 

· You want hookups 

You have the guts to make-out and have sex with someone, but you don’t want them to go out with you for breakfast the next morning. If that is the case, then you probably have a commitment phobia. 

· You want to date wrong people 

You want to date the bad-boy kind of person because you know that they are not also into long-term relationships. You avoid choosing the right one for you because it is your favorite way on how to avoid romantic commitments. 

· You have a fear of being abandoned 

One of the signs you’re a commitment-phobe is having a fear of being abandoned. This is the main reason why you avoid romantic relationship commitment. You have been broken so many times, or your parents have failed relationships that’s why you are afraid to fall for someone and enter long-term commitments kind of relationship. 

Is commitment good or bad? 

Some of the reasons why there are people who are into a non-committed or uncommitted type of set-up are because they are afraid to know if this thing is good or bad for them. This is actually up to you. If you see this as toxic, then this is bad for you. However, if you see this as a great way to become happier and better, then this one is good for you. 

Proper ways on how to avoid romantic commitments 

Why some people prefer no commitment relationship meaning? It is because they want to be honest with themselves that they want to focus on something more important, and it’s their choice not to be with somebody. With that being said, we compile these ways on how to avoid romantic commitments. 

· Be clear why you don’t want to enter romantic involvements

One of the effective ways to avoid relationships is knowing the reasons why you don’t want to commit. It is also important that you have the knowledge of why preventing this kind of commitment is right for you.  

· Be alert 

When a commitment-phobe is in love, make sure that she is alert to define their status as soon as possible. You have to make sure that as early as possible, you have a conversation that deals with the things where you see your commitment is going. Be clear on your plans and vision towards your status. 

· Let the other person know your expectations

Dating someone who is afraid of love is hard to deal with. So it is essential to let the other person know that you are not into committed relationships, then if they can deal with it, keep everything casual. Knowing your side can help prevent any misunderstanding and hurt feelings. You can tell him that maybe you are not looking for romantic commitments right now. In that way, you can be fair to him. 

· Be clear about your boundaries 

If your partner has commitment issues, make sure that you are clear about your limitations. After telling the other person that you don’t want to enter a romantic relationship, you need to act in that way too. You have to set boundaries not to text, call and hang out with him all the time. Give him space and distance. 

· Get out 

Believe me, dating someone with commitment issues is hard to handle. So if the other person can’t handle that kind of set up, then you must get out of what commitment you may have. Ensure that the other person is clear of the reasons why you want to end this. You can tell him that you don’t want to be unfair since he is longing for romantic commitment while you are not. It is unfair to him to continue whatever you have if you can’t stand and commit to him. 

Reasons why you are afraid of commitment 

Overcoming commitment issues is hard for some of us. Some people are happier and satisfied with no romantic obligations, but keep in mind that there are reasons why they have a fear of commitment to anything. 

· You are enjoying your freedom 

This is one of the reasons why you are in a non-committed relationship. You don’t want someone to interfere with your freedom. You are afraid that you can’t handle any settlement that you need to fix once you enter a romantic relationship. 

· There is something holding us back 

When someone is scared of commitment, rest assured that something is holding her back. Maybe, she is a victim of a failed relationship or a child of a divorced parent. Those circumstances make some people scared to enter a relationship. They thought that it might happen to them again. 

· You are figuring out things 

Avoiding a romantic relationship is not always a bad idea. Sometimes, people are avoiding it because they are still in the soul searching stage. They are still figuring out what they want and their goals in life; that’s why they are not looking for any serious relationship at the moment. 

· You avoid being trapped 

Why can’t I commit to anything? Maybe it is because you are afraid of being trapped. Most of the people overly dramatized their relationships complaint. Keep in mind that those people who are fearful of being caught are also afraid to face commitment and show their emotions. 

· You have more important priorities 

You wanted to focus on your career, family or other important things that’s why you don’t want to enter any commitments. You tried to be fair with him, and you don’t want to set him aside once you are busy achieving your goals. 

Yes, we are hanging out, go on a date and seeing each other often but we don’t have a label or any romantic commitment. Phobia of a romantic relationship is becoming common for us. Take note that you should somehow overcome the fear of commitments. There are lessons that you can gain from this. On the other hand, if you are still refusing to enter romantic obligations, then these ways on how to avoid romantic commitments are applicable for you. 

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