Freaky Messages for Him to Seduce Your Man

Freaky Messages for Him to Seduce Your Man

One art that women have mastered over the years was the art of seduction. Sending freaky messages for him can be a powerful move for you if done right. There is a fine line between sounding cheesy, sounding sexy, or sounding dirty in a text. A woman should know when how and when to attack his man with sexy messages to get desirable results. Freaky Messages for Him to Seduce Your Man will hone your skills to make sure that he will always think about you everywhere he goes.

The need for freaky messages for him

Girls sometimes ask, “Why do I have to text him freaky messages? He loves me anyway.” This is a common misconception of women to their men. Just that you two have gone to bed together, doesn’t mean that the fun should always happen in the four corners of our room. Men love surprises. And if you hit him on his soft spot and surprised him with dirty talking, he will surely remember to satisfy you when you two are alone together. It will certainly make your sex life better than before.

One benefit of having freaky messages for him is that it builds sexual tension between the two of you. The key to an effective freaky message is to build sexual tension just enough for him to miss your presence. It is the baseline of having a more enjoyable, more passionate and more satisfying relationship with your man.

When a couple is in a relationship for some years, they may bump into some difficulty of keeping the spark alive. There will come a time that having sex is just a mere routine and you were like scheduling the whole thing. It is given that you are in love with your man but as your relationship lengthens, some of those spark may fade away. Having some sexting sessions will keep your fire burning and his insides craving your touch.

Things to ponder upon sending freaky messages for him 

Some people think that normal people should not do sexting. Sexting is not a sin. It is just a way to get things rolling on the sex life of a couple. As a woman, you should know how to seduce him with your wordsIf you can do this easily, everything follows.

In sending the craziest text messages for him, here are some pointers to ponder:

1. Build sexual tension.

Formulating texts to send your dominant doesn’t have to be straight to the point. You have to build your way up the freaky ladder to get him hooked on your conversation. Think about innocent words that can make your man wild.

2. Think about images when texting

When making freaky messages for him, it is best that you portray a picture or a scene in your messages that will register on his mind when he sees your text. In that way, you will make him think about you all day until he finally sees you at the end of his work. And guess what will happen next if he remembers your freaky stories earlier.

3. Make him addicted to you

You can be the boss in this kind of situation. In sending freaky messages for him, don’t ever let the picture end of you being satisfied, instead, show him around. Show him around things that you can do to him when you are alone in bed together. You can also tell him your sex fantasies, stories that will get him turned on. And when he begs you to meet him in an instant, produce long freaky messages for him, and that is how to take sexting to the next level.

Texts that will create tension to your man

The key to incredible sex is to build tension while you two are not around each other. Here are some text messages to make him obsess over you.

  • Do you think I would look better in a skirt or tight jeans?
  • What would you like me to wear underneath on our date night? Bikinis? Thongs? Or nothing at all?
  • If I’ve done something terrible? How hard will you spank me, big boy?
  • I’m going to mark you mine tonight.
  •  When you and I meet again, I will do terrible things to you.
  • I’m bored. I wish I can have something to do. Can I do you?
  • It’s a pity that we are not in bed right now, all I can think about is you inside of me. (This is also a great way to start  sext for a long-distance relationship.)
  • If I say get down on your knees and say you love me, how will you say it?
  • I know I am supposed to be working right now, but I can’t stop thinking about you filling me up.
  • You blew me away. Can I return the favor and blow you right now?

Also, you can portray pictures of scenes that you want him to do or think about when you two will be in bed together. Here are some texts to make him want you.

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  • I’m going to lay my lips over yours, slightly massaging and sucking them. And then I will plant tiny kisses on your cheeks, neck, and chest. I will lick my way down to your cock. But I will not put your baby inside of my mouth, instead, I will lick them all over, kiss it until you start begging me to do more.
  • You are mine. And tonight, I’m marking all of you using my teeth. I’ll bite you. I’ll bite you so hard your body will get hickies. I have polished my nails so I can tear you up in pleasure. I will be so wet, I will make you grind and moan for me all night long.
  • You can do whatever you want with me. Flip me, suck me, roll me on all fours, I am yours. I am your slut for tonight. I am your slave. (This can be a submissive sext for him to know that you are treating him as your dominant alone.)

Start sending freaky messages for him

There are a lot of benefits to sending freaky messages to your guy. This will serve as your basis in texting your man when you’re bored and wanting to deliver a great pleasurable result later. Think about the freaky messages that will make him want you even more.

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