Fun and Romantic Ideas for Your 3rd Date

Fun and Romantic Ideas for Your 3rd Date

They say the third date can make it or break it. This is when you find out which course your relationship is in. You can decide at this point whether you enjoy their company or if you want the same things.

Who should ask for the third date? Since we are living in a modern world now, it doesn’t matter who asks for the third date. Men would usually do so, but women can also take the initiative and suggest a third date. So what activity can you do?

Here are some fun and romantic 3rd date ideas:

Dinner at home

Instead of going to a restaurant, you can cook your own dinner (together!) and enjoy a conversation while asking some third date questions to your partner.

Classic movie night

Dinner and movie for a third date is always a good idea. You can have a movie night after dinner and cuddle and enjoy each other’s company.

TV marathon

One of the cheap date ideas that you can do and really enjoy is to have a TV series marathon in your place. You or your date can choose what TV shows you’ll watch. Or you can compromise and watch you AND your date’s favorite TV shows.

Live sports game

If you and your date are both into sports, going to a live sports game is a perfect 3rd date activity. You can go to a live basketball game or football game and cheer for your favorite teams.

Opera or musical

If you are more interested in music, then you can try going to an opera or a musical. You can listen to some amazing talents while enjoying the company of your date.

Street fair

Going on a date to the fair is something that you can try for your 3rd date. Have fun walking around while looking at some interesting things at the fair. There’s probably some music and some good food, too.

Ice cream!

You can either go to an ice cream shop and hang out there as you eat your favorite flavors, or you can buy some ice cream and have your own ice cream party (for two) at your place.


Another 3rd date idea is to rent a bike and explore some places together. Bike rides can be romantic. You can go to a place with a nice view and have your mini picnic there. Biking is also good for the health so you can hit two birds with one stone here.

Karaoke night

Even if you and your date aren’t Ed Sheeran and Beyonce, you can still belt out your favorite songs and have some fun during karaoke night. It’s a bonus if you can sing your date’s favorite song, too.


Some people don’t like to go to clubs for a date (it’s noisy and might not be a good place if you want to be alone with your partner), but you can always go to a restaurant with a dance floor and slow-dance the night away. It’s more romantic, plus you don’t have to worry about getting all sweaty.

Tourist sites

Another idea that you can try for your 3rd date is to go to local tourist sites. You might enjoy the history and view of the place. Plus, it can also be both a fun learning experience and a romantic date for you and your partner.


You can also go to a concert for your 3rd date. You can also discover if you enjoy the same type of music. Good music can contribute a lot to creating happy moments. Plus, dancing is a very good excuse to get closer to your date.

Roller skating or ice-skating

You can go roller skating at a park and hold hands as you go around and glide. Or do the classic ice skating in one of your winter dates.


You can turn a 3rd date picnic into something really magical. Bring your date to a beautiful picnic site (the more secluded, the better), make sure you have some really good food (and even wine) and get to know your date better as you start your “third date” conversation.

Amusement park

One of the cute date ideas that you can try is going to an amusement park. Tap your inner child and try the fun and thrilling rides. Or play games and win a cute stuffed toy for your date. You can also have a romantic Ferris wheel ride and enjoy the view from the top with your date.


If you are a nature-lover (or if your date is), you can enjoy hiking in the mountain. Not only is it a fun activity, it is also a very good way to exercise. Breathing in fresh air and looking at some gorgeous view can help both you and your date relax after a tiring hike.

Game night

One of the good indoor date ideas is to have a game night in your or your date’s house. You can play classic board games or even invent your own. It’s a good way to show your competitive side without taking things too seriously.


Who wouldn’t love a massage? Your date will appreciate a massage after a long day and you too can benefit from it. You can go to a spa, or do the massage yourself.

Water activities

Water activities are always fun and can be some creative summer date ideas that you can consider when creating your 3rd date plans. You and your partner can go to the beach to try some exciting water activities on your 3rd date. Or you can just swim or walk along the beach hand in hand and turn the experience into a really romantic summer date.

Watch the sunset

One of the most romantic things that you can do on your date is to watch the sunset together. And while it’s perfect to watch the sunset by the beach, you can also do it in a park. The most important thing is that both you and your date enjoy looking at the sunset.

What’s next?

Since the third date is seen to be a really important point in a new “relationship”, the next thing that you can do after planning for this is to think of third date topics that you can talk about with your partner. While some people would say that you can get intimate during or after the third date, it’s entirely up to you. You can choose what you want to do and just enjoy this whole experience with someone special.

I hope you enjoy our list of 3rd date ideas.

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