Fun Factor in a Relationship: What are Fun and Spontaneous Things to do with your Girlfriend?

If you are looking for fun and spontaneous things to do with your girlfriend, you are in the right place. With the help of these date ideas and one-of-a-kind excursions, they will surely tap into your spontaneous side and enjoy a great time together.

If you want to find ways on how to make your girlfriend happy, rest assured that these ideas will work. These activities are not only fun to do as a couple during late summer and early fall but can be easily done at any time of the year.

Unique and spontaneous things to do with your girlfriend

Let us now take a close look at some of the spontaneous things to do with your girlfriend. Remember that these suggestions range from outrageous, sweet, heartfelt to heart-pounding escapades. The best part is you can skip on the traditional date nights that keep you and your girlfriend trapped in a boring routine.

It is time to add a fresh spark and spice to your relationship and let the adventures with your girlfriend start.

Apple picking

If you want to enjoy a selection of fresh fruits on your table in the morning, it is time to skip on the produce aisle of the grocery store and go for freshly-picked fruits. The best way to do this is to go on apple picking.

The activity involves climbing trees and taking several Instagram-worthy photos that will add memories of this outdoor adventure. While on the way to the farm, you will enjoy the fresh, cool breeze and enjoying a different perspective in the outdoors.

Going off the grid

For couples who want to take a break from the hustle-and-bustle environment in the city, it is time to go off the grid. Together with your girlfriend, go camping for a day or two out in the wilderness. The best part is taking a scenic route to your chosen destination especially during the autumn where the leaves change into stunning shades of colors.

Cocktail and craft night 

If you want a romantic date idea that is more than the conventional “wine and paints” night, this cocktail and craft idea is a good option. This one of the recommended creative date night ideas worth considering.

Various options are readily available all over major cities that boast awesome artistic endeavors such as woodworking, glass fusing, ceramics, jewelry and a wide selection of DIY projects. With the addition of booze, it will surely provide an added boost to your creative juices.

Exploring a new city

If you have a city in mind that you want to visit, why not explore it with your girlfriend. It is time to stop wondering and get yourself ready to go to the city of your dreams with your loved one. As an impromptu trip, it has a fun factor to it and it is even more enjoyable if your friends are also around.


One of the spontaneous things to do with your girlfriend that can make a difference or doing your part in a community is to volunteer on something. Look for a cause that both of you are truly interested in. It is recommended to do something for the community, such as planting trees or helping with the cleaning efforts.

Enroll in a rock climbing class

This is an enjoyable activity that will bring out your adventurous side. With this option, it is a great way to try a new hobby and immerse yourself in the wilderness.

Simply get in touch with a local recreational center to start with your rock climbing class. In most classes, you and your girlfriend will learn some of the basics on an indoor climbing wall. In no time, both of you will gradually discover the exciting natural terrain that comes along with this hobby.

Try fly fishing

Another outdoor activity to try is fly fishing which is one of the fun adventures to go on with your girlfriend. If you want a great and memorable escapade in the wilderness, you should look no further than your local river.

While you are learning this new hobby, you can enjoy the serenity and stunning scenery of the outdoors. The combination of these elements will make this outdoor endeavor truly fun and one-of-a-kind.

Local hike

If you were not able to spend a lot of time outdoors and eager to give it a try together with your girlfriend, try to go on a local hike. This is a simple yet sweet outdoor activity during the summer or cool autumn afternoons. You can go big or just a short mile away from home.

It is recommended to look for a trail that is suitable for the type of outing that you want whether it is casual or challenging, flat or inclined as well as scenic or serious. If you are ready – go for it and refresh later with a cold brew.

Adopting a shelter dog or cat

For those who do not have a furry companion yet and eager to add a new member to your family, why not adopt a dog or a cat from your local shelter. Simply head to your local shelter and look for the ideal furry friend to bring home. Of course, bring along your girlfriend so both of you can decide on which one to choose.

With the adorable moments and parenting antics, you and your girlfriend will be occupied in caring for your furry pal. This will provide a lot of bonding opportunities as well as fun things for couples to do at home along with your furry companion.


If you want an adventurous activity this coming weekend with your girlfriend, why not try a zipline especially during the autumn season. This is one of the fun outdoor activities for couples that will keep your heart pumping as you soar through the scenery.

This is truly an invigorating activity and can spark smiles, joyful yelps and memories while being harnessed up to a cable and soaring along with the vibrant colors of autumn.

Attending a scary movie screening

For those who want a good scare, this is a good romantic date night idea to try out. Cuddle up to the company of your girlfriend as the scary flick works its way in giving you the shivers and jumps.

If you want to boost an extra scare factor during the date, go to a remote field or into the dark cover of the woods and watch the movie on a laptop.

Cliff jumping

With this activity, there is no need to go to extremes particularly those that involve death-defying heights. As an alternative, search on Google for any local swimming holes that are equipped with a ready-made diving board brought about by nature itself. Once you and your girlfriend are ready, it is time to take the plunge and live on the edge even just for the weekend. This is just one of the crazy things to do that will surely add a spark to the relationship.

Seasonal cycling

Once autumn is in full swing, it is the season where new craft beer varieties are being released. It is time to bike around the downtown along with your girlfriend to savor pints of seasonal pumpkin ales at the local breweries.

The combination of fresh fall air, streaming sunshine, and flavorful hops create an ideal afternoon escapade that is truly worthwhile.

Observing the constellations

Although your last astronomy class might have been some time ago, this can serve as a romantic idea that is ideal during the warm summer and fall nights. Consider this as one of the ways to be romantic with your girlfriend since both of you are sharing the moment under the night sky. Observing the starry sky dotted with constellations is truly a unique way to hang out with your girlfriend.

Simply look for a star chart and find a good spot that provides you with an unobstructed view of the expansive night sky. Do not forget to bring along a bottle of wine to add a sweet touch to this simple yet fascinating outdoor escapade.

Visiting museums

One way to make an outing more on the informative side is to visit a museum. It is a good way to add a dash of culture, science, art, history and many more to a casual outing with your girlfriend. It is one way of supporting your community while at the same time widening your horizons.

Even if this type of activity can be considered as out of the usual routine for some, always bear in mind that variety adds spice to life.

Hot air balloon ride

If you want to take your relationship to greater heights literally, you should go for a hot air balloon ride up into the clouds. During the summer, this is a must-try activity that will take you up to the clouds to enjoy a stunning view from above.

Marvel at the world below in its vibrant, lush bloom during the warm months. It is a memorable experience while up in the clouds. If you are wondering about where to take your girlfriend on her birthday, this activity is a good option to consider.

Antique photoshoot

As a couple, it is considered refreshing to engage in fun stuff that some see as cheesy and goofy. One of the spontaneous things to do with your girlfriend is to try out an antique photo shoot. Although you might have other ideas that can be included in the list of cute couple things to do, this one is worth trying out.

You can even do this along with friends to make it even more enjoyable while capturing memories that both of you will surely cherish. You can consider this as one of the cute things to do for your girlfriend just because you are showing her that you truly cherish every moment with her.

Do not use any electronics for a day

If you want a twist to your usual day, try one day without any form of electronic devices. Take note that you will not realize how this activity can be life-changing in your relationship until you will try it out. Count this as one of the things to do with your girlfriend at home since it is going to be a worthy challenge.

Although it can be quite difficult, it can provide you with a challenge. Aside from the challenge it presents, you might be surprised at the variety of creative, fun adventures that you can do with your girlfriend once you unplug.

Go to an amusement park

Remember that one is never too old to go to an amusement park and enjoy everything that it has to offer – cotton candy, roller coasters, and corn dogs. Try to spend a day being young at heart with your special someone. Enjoy the rush of emotions while taking part in several gravity thrills. This is a great summer adventure that will surely keep your heart racing.

Lantern festivals

With the serene, warm glow that fills the scenic night sky, attending this event is truly a romantic date idea and one of the ideal spontaneous things to do at night. If there is an upcoming event in your area, it is worth attending with your girlfriend which is a breathtaking experience both of you will enjoy. Depending on the activities that are part of the event, there might be s’ mores, music and campfires that will surely add magic to the celebration.


If you want a different type of activity that is a must to include your bucket list, geocaching is a recommended option. The activity involves finding hidden “treasures” using a compass, GPS, area map and coordinate location. Count this as one of the adventurous things to do with your girlfriend, especially during summer or on long weekends.

The caches that you need to find are often “hidden in plain sight”, ranging in size from a pen to large-sized aluminum boxes. Although the memories and satisfaction of finding an item are guaranteed, you might be lucky enough to find some non-perishable loot.

Go trampolining

If you want a different yet entertaining activity to do with your girlfriend but the weather does not seem to permit, it might be the right time to try out one of the most vibrant indoor activity that seems to be getting a lot of attention – trampolining. With this activity, you can jump, bounce, flip to your hearts’ content all day long.

Singing karaoke

Singing is one way to work out your vocal cords and is a great way to bond with your girlfriend during a lazy afternoon. If you find yourself bored at home, you can consider this as one of the things for couples to do when bored.

Challenge one another to a battle of ballads or you can serenade her from the illuminated shimmer from the stage. Try this activity out and sing out loud your feelings and emotions.

Random-selection road trip

What better way to spend the long summer days is going on a road trip with your girlfriend? Simply check out a map or an atlas. Close both your eyes and point. Decide on which spot you will go to. Get ready to hop in a car and both of you are off. Do not forget to bring along a supply of snacks, some good tunes and simply enjoy the scenery and adventure that awaits.

Horseback riding

One of the most romantic fall or summer adventure ideas that you must consider is horseback riding. Nothing compares to galloping through scenic trails while saddled up on one of the most magnificent beasts on Earth. While strolling around, immerse yourself in the wilderness and you can even enjoy a picnic along the way.

Train or boat dinner

If you have the budget to splurge on this special date idea, a traditional dinner date on a train or boat is truly exciting. This is one of the recommended surprise ideas for a girlfriend that is one-of-a-kind. Dine and sip on wine or even dance while onboard a boat or a train. While dining, do not forget to think of sweet things to say to your girlfriend.

With this romantic date idea, you will not only enjoy an adventure date but also provides a variety of entertainment such as the dazzling scenery along the way as well as Instagram-worthy photos.

Final thoughts

The best way to keep your girlfriend happy and entertained during the summer or weekends is to engage in various activities. You have a wide selection of spontaneous things to do with your girlfriend that can bring out an adventurous streak in both you while at the same time getting to know each other and learning at the same time. In every activity, consider it a fresh take on life and a new adventure with your girlfriend.

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