Ghosting After a Long Relationship: Here is a Solution to that

We were dating for almost three months, and I have been ghostedonly once. And he actually stopped replying to my text messages weeks later; he just kept ignoring me, but still; the feeling of being ghosted hurts so bad.

To have plans for your future together, your life with your loved one and having kids together, to travel around the world with this special person and risk everything just to be with them; and then, in a blink of an eye you find out that everything you did plan for was just a lie or a dream that will never come true.

 In case you are in a relationship with your loved one and you feel separated and ghosted and you are afraid to break up with you via a text message like a normal avoidant, I’m really sorry about that, but don’t worry; everything will be alright with time, just continue reading to know what to do.

This is how to get over the juvenile who had the audacity to ghost you after being with you and by your side all the time and decided to end up what you thought was unbreakable:


No one said that was a good thing to do to someone, it is really such a bad behavior, and so childish; Your ex must have some hidden stuff that pushed him to do that, maybe he is in a new relationship, or he just doesn’t see his future in you; there so many probabilities.

“You are the only one who is responsible for your reaction to their ghosting. Don’t take it personally; even if it feels that way, “the dating expert Marya Dorell explains.»

That s their choice if they don’t want to communicate with you. You deserve an amazing partner who’s always excited to hear your voice and to communicate with you, and no matter how long you have been together; he will never get tired from you.”

All you need to do now is to believe that this ghosting has nothing to do with you as a person; it just shows you the true color of the person that you were with. Maybe you weren’t made for each other.


It is so obvious that it is annoying you because he is cowardly and rude and doesn’t have anything to say.

But what about the ghosting that you’re suffering from? How about your broken heart? Do you just want to get him out of your mind and go on with yours? You should definitely know what you really want and what you really need; you should make a decision about this?

“Describe your feelings,” says Dorell. “When you describe things for yourself, Things will be clear for you and you will know where to put your next step and go on with your life instead of crying and getting depressed why they are not texting you back or asking about you.”

When it happened to me I kept asking myself why. I was just shocked and frustrated at his disappearance; He just left without saying any word.

Each time I got a message from him, it took me back to our days together and it hurts more than his disappearance; sometimes I convince myself that he is gone and he is out of my life, but when I see his pictures or I remember our times together; I feel so bad again and kind of lost between the past and the present; I’m just stuck in between, and sometimes when I hear him saying that he just couldn’t be happy with me; I feel like I’m going to die; I would have been feeling so good assuming that he moved to Italy than to hear him saying that.


When I say this; I mean to avoid any type of communication with your EX which can upset you or make you more broken-hearted, and of course; no one would like to have a broken heart.

A lot of people are conflict-avoidant, and they would definitely prefer to walk away than getting into an argument or a fight. The anger responses like yelling or criticizing and avoidance of emotional responses like crying or just tearing apart and the truth is that both of them are so common.

Being ghosted does not mean that it’s your fault or you did something wrong; it is just that the person you were in a relationship with just could not be honest and direct with you.

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Can we consider that as a flaw? Not in my opinion. When you see how many people have ghosted others; or cheated on them, or how many people lost their loved ones; it is not helpful to call them selfish or flawed.

It is a matter of being mature when it comes to emotions and love, and that is a thing that happens and develops with time.

So, the better thing that you can do now is to let go as peacefully as you can; and you will get over it by time.

Keep in your mind always that no one deserves to be broken-hearted, and you always deserve the best; let things go and focus on your future instead; let him see that you are better off without him.

What do you think about that? Share your experience with us.



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