Good Movies to Watch with Your Boyfriend

Good movies, It was a lot easier to go to this Hollywood Walk of Fame because it’s so romantic. After all, such films are made by the public, especially those women who are hungry and full of love. However, a banal romantic film and the footage in the choir might be an exceptional experience. But that’s not all. It’s easy to watch some romantic movies. Furthermore, the drama is just a fun quick plot to plot, but I’m also going to go with it and not get tired of watching it as I have a relationship with watching 17 romantic movies a week.

1. When in rome:

If you don’t believe in fate and your boyfriend, watch this movie together. Although it probably still makes him think that fate is banal and not for a man like him, at least if you believe him, what’s going on is that he’s not a man like you.  

If it’s still not enough, you can at least see that Josh Duhamel is himself. You can expect your friend to walk away from romance even if you don’t want to love her magic and restore her.

2.50 First dates:

So your boyfriend said you forgot? This Adam-Sandler sees his main street in Park City and grabs the popcorn. Enjoy the laughter you share, especially with Rob Schneider, who is always present on the cast.  

The film is about a Playboy who falls in love with a girl with no short-term memory due to an accident. Now it’s up to the guy to let the girl fall in love with him every day, so what your friend would like to do with you

3. Polly came:

The perfect combination of quirkiness, fun, and unpredictability*well, as a couple*: Jennifer Aniston and comedian Ben Stiller. It’s a great journey from the many inconveniences to the proximity of this romantic Comedy. Children are interpersonally attracted to each other.  

4.Slam dog millionaire:

This film is an Eternal Testament to how a game show like those who want to be a millionaire can change your life. Well, no. Seriously, this movie is One of the smart movies that break the mold with your casting choices.    

This story shows his journey to be part of the infamous game show, winning the heart of his beloved, defeating children and surprising him in the slums. All in all, a great movie if you and your friend also want a smart conversation about socioeconomic issues and Hollywood.

5.Basketball with love:

In the spring, basketball fans, and if the Elevator has an old-fashioned railing, he will definitely come here. Or at least try to interest. The main sports theme is actually pretty decent when it comes to attracting men, and the movie is sweet enough and soft enough for women. 


If you don’t like the predictable cheesy romantic Comedy, you’ll love the tourist guesswork. This cat-and-mouse story seems to lead not only johnny Depp’s character but also the power of the chase, so Angelina Jolie plays a mysterious woman in the middle of a place that’s as romantic as Venice or Paris.   

7.Confessions of a shopaholic:

Some may appear as boys or as wristwatches with a pair of shoes on top of the card. Based on Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series, this film tries to fulfill her dream of staying afloat and becoming a writer for a famous fashion magazine, but all the time ruthless debt collectors walk in heels.    

Unlike other types of girls in trouble, the hero gets out of trouble and eventually takes his Prince.

8. How to lose a boy in 10 days:

The charming and timeless Kate Hudson is paired with fellow hard worker Alistair Matthew McConaughey, making the film worth watching over and over again. Hudson just shines, and McConaughey is everyone’s man, which makes this movie really work. Despite all the mind games, the stunt and Will battle of both cute characters show that love can also happen in just 10 days. 

9. Beautiful woman:

Uncompromising street billionaire playboy described South beauty. This classic romantic movie starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is the most scandalous setting and I think it’s better than Roberts because the bloom of love was less characteristic of Gere like shopping. 

10. My best friend’s wedding:

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Another of Julia Roberts ‘ best performances was in this movie because this movie was so long ago when finally one fell in love with the other, so there’s really no friendship between a man and a woman. 

In the midst of all the fuss about what would have been a beautiful wedding and a beautiful couple, Roberts ‘ character was introduced on stage with the intention of preventing the wedding, but all his machinations were useless. Evidence that true love will develop even in a short time.

11. Inside out:

Oh, the beauty of young love. Make sure it’s filmmaker Rob Reiner, Harry met Sally, who has a list of Internet speed lines behind the Directors as well. This beautiful film is about playful laughter and innocent love, between two 14-year-old children, Bryce and Julie. When Julie first met him in his sophomore year, he soon realized it was love, but Bryce wasn’t sure it had been a mess of hormones and teenage melodramas for years, but finally, love won out.     

12. Hooks:

Passing a bit from the ROM-com factory, this movie star will Smith is starring. It helps men move and hook the dream girl. However, Smith himself, trying to beg Eva Mendes, is not soft and soft. If you want to show your boy some tips on how to win your heart, this is a movie to watch. 

13. Moulin rouge:

The film is about truth, beauty, freedom, and love, especially love. It starts brilliantly with every piece: music, women, costumes, all flashes. But underneath it, all is a dark background and an inescapable understanding of death, the only powerful force that shares a strong love. 


If your boy doesn’t believe in fate, then maybe this movie will make him think. Directed by beautiful Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack. It tells the story of two people gathered by a surprising coincidence, making you believe that a soul mate really exists. 

15. Love, actually:

It’s a Christmas classic. Seeing this, you and your boy’s full-time show stars in what means you, if you don’t have the tradition of watching this whole Christmas, love manifests itself in many ways throughout the life of a couple of eight. It’s a mixture of scintillating, clumsy, funny, sad and contagious. You can’t see it without falling in love again. 

16.The titanic:

Classic, of course. Directed by James Cameron, this movie doesn’t even have to try to be part of the list. It’s just beautiful, touching and touching stories of two unknown people from different social backgrounds who ride a big boat just to be discriminated against by tragedy. 

The words are also designed in broken English without any problems and many memorable scenes such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack, rose, Kate Winslet. I’m going to talk about his program as the key to the movie, but it’s just a scene.


It’s less likely that the movie will be on the list, but if you’re going to watch a movie with your boys, it shouldn’t be missed by you. Alfie, a hot celebrity about modern-day Casanova learning the hard way to her lessons, stars Jude law at her height as in this movie. Better tell your boyfriend not to think about the womanizer!

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