Great Ways on How to Turn a Girl on

Great Ways on How to Turn a Girl on

Sex is great but only when both parties consent to the act and proper foreplay is in action. Making love is great but not everyone can get into the mood as quickly. Some may need a few triggers or sensual touches to turn them on. This sounds simple however not everyone has the same sexual or sensual triggers to get them all hot and heavy.

First of all, you need to make sure you have her consent. Because the first rule on how to turn on a girl is that you have her permission to touch her. Feeling respected for both her feelings and body is sexy. Although turning someone on is much more than touch.

It can be through sensual actions or words, maybe a simple gesture she finds sexy. Studies have shown even just a specific kind of scent can arouse someone. But you don’t have to treat it as an exact science. Turning on a girl should be a pleasurable and sensual experience itself. You want her to feel good too. 

Scroll down to find the different ways on how to turn on a girl, be it in the physical or emotional sense.

Saying the right words

Words and simply talking can also arouse a woman. It could be the sweetness of your words like complimenting her beauty or praising her accomplishments. A lot of touching and kissing is not always necessary on how to turn on a girl –although we will get to that in a while. Words can be the first step to arousal. 

There is a reason why the erotica genre like “50 Shades of Gray” is popular. Women may not see what is happening but the words easily take the steam off of the page. A simple compliment can easily turn into burning passion in a matter of minutes. But it is more than talking, your facial expression and tone of voice should match how you feel. If you want to turn her on through text, then make sure to use proper grammar and be respectful of your compliments.

It could be how slow you say the words and look deep in her eyes to let her know you are present. This helps create tension between you and your partner.

Kissing goes a long way  

Establishing physical contact is a subtle way on how to turn on a girl. Soft kisses are a great way to start. 

Once she gives you the go signal to touch her, start with soft gentle kisses. It does not have to start with her lips, tease her a bit. Kiss her hand, her arm, and her neck. The best way on how to turn on a girl is by building the tension. You want her to anticipate your touch and enjoy it.

Next, you can proceed with kissing her on the lips. A lot of people love a good makeout session because that is when the sexual arousal truly builds. Kissing is very intimate at the same time very sexy when done right. Make sure to communicate the pacing you both want –is it aggressive or more loving? Knowing how to turn on a girl requires either a gentle or more intense approach depending on how she wants it.

Some women may want long and intimate kissing to get her in the mood and others may prefer an intense makeout session. 

How to touch a girl –yes, there’s a correct way

When you have established physical touch between you and your partner, do it gradually. You can start by caressing her arms or her legs. Show her that you are present and you want to connect with her. You can also ask her where she wants to be touched. By giving her the choice of her own pleasure, building both respect and connection which are two important factors on how to turn on a girl.

If she allows you, one option is her breasts. Yes, you can touch breasts for pleasure but there are techniques that help make the experience better for you and your partner. Make sure your hands are soft, if not then put on lotion or maybe gloves to really make things fun. Now, you do not go straight for the breast. 

Come from behind or the side and move from the waist or neck sensually to the breasts. Going head-on straight for your partner’s breasts can make them feel like they are being honked like a horn which can kill the sensual tension you worked hard on creating. You need to slow down, explore and caress them gently.

However, if she says no then do not touch her. There are other ways as well.

Good hygiene is the best

Body odor can easily kill the mood. You need to be clean and smell like a fresh shower if you really want your partner to be aroused. Put on her favorite cologne or any cologne which does not have a strong scent. Maybe vanilla or lavender because both scents are not as harsh.

Fix your hair the way she usually likes and put on a clean shirt. Present yourself in the way you want her to perceive you which is this handsome man who cares about her and her pleasure. 

She’s turned on but her body doesn’t know it

Now that you know how to turn on a girl, let us get a few fun sex facts straight. Starting with how her body lines up with how she feels. You’re both in the mood now however her body is not getting the message. Before you think you did something wrong or there’s something wrong with her, you need to know that this is very common for both men and women.

It is called arousal concordance. Even though you may be mentally aroused by your partner, your body may not match up. According to sexual studies, men only get an erection 50 percent of the time that they are mentally aroused meanwhile for women it is only 10 percent. Even if your partner is turn on, their body only complies with the correct sexual response 10 percent of the time but it doesn’t mean she is not in the mood.

This is why most women are self-conscious about being dry despite being mentally aroused. This is because women are told the amount of lubrication they produce is an indication of how turned on they are –which is a total lie. It is totally normal! Reassure her that you are not bothered and that it is okay. So, make sure to make lube a lifelong friend for a fun and safer sexual experience.

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