Gutter Installation Basics

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Enz & Sons of Huntsville may look like a daunting DIY project that requires a ladder and pros, but you can save money by installing or replacing your gutters yourself (only if they are sectional; full-house gutter replacement is best left to the experts). The materials are affordable, the tools required are so basic you likely already own them, and the process is straightforward. This article will walk you through the basics of a typical gutter run, so you can plan out how to hang your new gutters before starting.

The first step in gutter installation is assessing your existing gutters to determine if you need to make any repairs. Depending on how long your old gutters have been on your home, they may be rotted or have fascia that’s unusable. Identifying these damages and making necessary repairs before starting a new gutter installation will ensure your new gutters are efficient and long-lasting.

The Ultimate Guide to Gutter Installation

Once you’ve assessed your roofline and decided on a type of gutter, purchase the materials for your project. You will need gutter sections, downspout elbows and extensions, and end caps to finish your new gutter system. You’ll also need a ladder, and you should plan on having another person help you install your new gutters to prevent falls and other injuries.

During the gutter installation process, it’s helpful to work from the ground rather than from the top of a ladder. This way you can more easily account for downspout extensions and corners, as well as gutter end caps, which require a special tool to install. Before you begin, draw a gutter installation plan so you know which pieces to install first and in what order.
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