We are not related by blood, but we are connected by our hearts. Aside from our family, we need someone to lean on during the hard times of our lives and someone whom we can reveal our secrets. Our friends can be that person, someone whom we can trust and count on. To have a lighter and happier life, here is the list of types of friends that you should have. These types of friends are a great companion in your life’s journey. 

1. The loyal one 

One of the types of best friends that you should have is a loyal one. Everyone needs someone who is not judgmental and will support you no matter what. Your loyal best friend is the one who allows you to share your darkest secrets and allows you to be a total mess but still cares and loves you at the same time. 

2. The funny one 

If you are going to add a list of the types of friends to have, don’t hesitate to add the funny one. Your funny friend is the best confidant during your bad days. They can make you laugh, whether it’s just a bad day or another Monday. They can be your instant lift when you are down and stress. They are considered as the “wine” of the squad. 

3. The fearless

For every group or type of friends, everyone has a fearless member. They are the adventurous friends that we need in order for us to step out of our comfort zone. They are not afraid to try new things and adventures and they will introduce us to different activities and cultures. 

4. Parent figure type 

The real-life oracle type of good friend. They are like your parents who have no filter in being honest with you. But you can surely rely on them whenever you need life advice and guidance. 

5. The childhood friend 

Believe it or not, they are most likely to be your most loyal confidant. They’ve been with you in different seasons of friendship. It’s very heartwarming to know that someone is there for you and accept you from the very beginning. Do your best to keep this kind of person in your list of different types of friends. Childhood friends are the types of friends that have witnessed all the things that you’ve been through. 

6. The honest one 

Honest people are a great addition to the types of friends in a group. There are moments in our lives when we need to hear harsh truth from our brutally, honest friend. For example, you are experiencing an unstable relationship, and everyone is saying that everything is okay, then go to your honest confidant, and she will surely tell the truth to your face. She will tell you that you have to stop the drama and find someone better because you deserve better. If you find brutal but honest types of bond friendship, then never let that person go. They are now hard to find especially these days. 

7. Someone who gets you out of your house 

Everyone has different roles in every group of friends. This addition to the types of friends is someone who will influence you to go to the gym, watch a movie or go on shopping. The bonding that you can create is something that you can treasure. We have some interests and hobbies that are not matched by our boyfriend or girlfriend’s interest. This is why this kind of friend should be on our list.  

8. The role model 

There are different types of friend groups in high school. The group of bullies, the queen bees and of course, the role models. The role model is the type of friend that we admire during our high school days until now that we are already grown-ups. You can learn a lot from staying in touch with them. They are those types of friends whom you can get the best advice and encouragement to be successful in different aspects of life. 

9. The defender 

The defenders are those types of friends who will stick and defend you no matter what happens. We should add this kind of people to our best types of friends list collection. The defender will protect and support you against the bullies in school and stand up for you no matter how hard the situation is. 

10. The crazy friends 

Your crazy friends are those members of a friend group who are not afraid of consequences. You need this kind of friend every once I a while to keep you laugh and dance inside the car while singing your favorite crazy songs. You can never go wrong with this kind of friend as they will make you burst out in laughter to relieve your stress. They can remind us that life should be fun, easy to deal with and doesn’t have to be too serious. 

11. Your opposite 

Oh, yes! You read it right. You should also try to mingle and make some friendship goals with your total opposite. Sometimes, it is better to step out of your comfort zone and build friendships with people who have the opposite point of view. Believe me; they can help you open up your mind and eyes to a different world view. They are also the ones who can help you accept other people who have a different viewpoint from you. Take note; life would be boring if you are only surrounded by people who acted and think like you. It’s time to spice up your friend labels list. 

12. The best friend forever 

The BFF or best friend forever types of friends are those friends who give the best meaning of friendship. They are the ones who you value above any other types of friends. They are the first person that you called when you got an award, good news, and even heartaches and heartbreaks. 

The types of friends mentioned above can be your chosen family. It is vital to have good friends who know the real you and someone who can maintain your connection from different stages of life. Different types of friends have different purposes in your life. They are sent from above to make you happy and learn lessons from them. 

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