Hard Truth: Why is Breaking Up so Hard?

Hard Truth: Why is Breaking Up so Hard?

Who among you never experience the pain of losing and breaking up with someone you love? It’s never easy! The feeling was too painful to handle, especially when we lost our first love. The early stages of a break up can cause stress, depression, and sadness. This is what makes the truth why it is breaking up so hard. 


At some points in our lives, we have regretted not giving all that we can to make it work. And when you look back, you realize that you could have done more. You could have been better, braver and not the coward one who has been stuck to the thought that everything is not possible to fix, it’s over. But when you realize that “I don t want to break up with him”, you two just broke up. You miss him but you don’t know where to find him. Even though you are in the stage of breaking up but still love each other, learn to let everything go. Breaking up with the love of your life teaches you a lesson. The good thing about it is making you realize that you try, you fail, and you learn. So, the next time you fall in love and enter a relationship, make it work and fight for it. 

You still love him, but you can’t be with him 

Breaking up with the one you love is never easy to deal with. Realizing that the two of you are not meant for each other makes you cry even more. You know that things are not working anymore and you can’t think of any possible solution to fix it. You still love him, but you are not meant to be together anymore, and it so hard to walk away and leave everything behind. 

Top reasons why is breaking up so hard

You think of your memories and history 

This is the main reason why it is breaking up so hard. When you think of the ways on how to break up with someone, your memories will haunt you. All the bad things that make you want to go out with your relationship get blocked out. All happy memories and your history will break the wall that you are building between the two of you. But you also have to think if these good memories are enough to make everything work. If not, then it is the best time to let go. 

You are still waiting for your relationship to get improved

Why is breaking up so hard? It is because you are still holding on to the thought that everything will be fine and okay. Yes, there is a possibility that it could happen, but chances are very low. If everything gets worse day by day, then it is time to break up. Don’t wait to be part of the painful breakup stories. 

You love his family 

Why is it so hard to leave a relationship? Maybe because you are not only in love with him but with his family too. You have been together for so many years, and you knew his family too well. You feel that they are your family too. And the thought that breaking up with him means breaking up with his family also is what it makes to the question of why is breaking up so hard to do. 

You don’t want to give up, but you are tired already 

It’s hard to let go of everything that you fight for from the very start. You love him, but you are tired of fighting every day. You need to accept the fact that there are things that are not meant for you. At least you try, but everything was all for nothing. Don’t let yourself stay in the same relationship if it is not working out already and it seems like he doesn’t want you in his life anymore. Breaking up when you’re still in love doesn’t mean your coward, it means that you are intelligent enough for not staying in a toxic commitment. 

You are scared with the thought of not finding someone better than him 

One of the reasons why is breaking up so hard to do is the thought that we can’t find someone better than him. If this is your fear of breaking up, then keep in mind that there are many people out there. There is someone who can make you happier. If you and your past relationship don’t work out, then there is someone out there who is more compatible with you. 

 You have a fear of loneliness 

We don’t want to feel alone after leaving our relationship. This is sometimes the reason why some people are still holding on to an unhappy relationship but can’t leave. The fear of being alone is haunting us. But keep in mind that you should be strong, and he’s not the only one left on the planet. You still have your family and friends. 

You don’t want to be single 

Why is it so hard to break up with someone? Maybe because you are scared. Scared to be alone, so you are into any kind of relationship. You are in love with the feeling of being in a commitment. But, if it’s not healthy for you, let go. Relationship has to work. If it is too painful to handle, it’s time to step away. 

You are afraid he could find someone better 

Sometimes in our lives, we want to question ourselves, why are breakups so hard to get over? Is it only because we are so much in love with him? Or maybe because we are afraid that after we break up, he will find someone better and forget about us. Never compare yourself with others. Never think that once he finds someone new, she is better than you. We have different characteristics and skills; so don’t you compare yourself with her. 

 I don’t want to end our friendship 

How to break up with a guy you love and a guy who has been your friend for a long time? It is one of the main reasons why is breaking up so hard to deal with. We are afraid of losing someone who is not only our boyfriend, husband or fiancé but also our friend. But then again, if everything is not possible to fix, then you shouldn’t be with him. Remember, if you are meant to be friends, the universe will make way for the two of you. 

Not all relationships are meant to be successful. The two people inside that relationship are not intended to be together. We have to accept the fact that not all of us are willing to let go of everything that we have worked so hard, and we don’t have the courage to end things easily. But we need to lose some people to save ourselves. We have to remove the things that make the thought of why it is breaking up so hard to deal with. We need to remove some people in our lives to mend our broken hearts and build ourselves again. 

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