Heartbreaking Revelations On Why Most Relationships Fail

Did you experience a lot of relationship failures? Well, if you do, you might think of what are the causes of relationship failures and your repeated failed relationships. Causes of break-ups in relationships are not only because of problems that arise but it can also be because of something a person do-something you do. This article might do a heartbreaking reveal of why your relationships fail but let’s be honest here. Even though your friends tell you that you are amazing and great, some reasons why relationships fall apart can also be because of your bad attitude that no one tells you. 

Relationships ups and downs are normal. If you were stuck on trying ways on how to get over a traumatic break-up because you don’t know what you probably did, you must know that you might have some of the toxic girlfriend signs or boyfriend signs. As soon as you accept those, you can do something about it and change for the better. So, these may be heartbreaking reveal why relationships fail for you but it can help you move on and start over again. Here are the 6 toxic relationship habits. 

Possible reasons why relationships fail

You are making bad choices

Crazy relationship stories start when you don’t recognize the warning signs or red flags of the person you are dating. If he/she turned out to be abusers, a bad match, emotional wrecks or pure nutcases, they are toxic for you. Most of the time, if we want our relationships to work, we disregard their bad attitudes. So, think of what those red flags could be and list them down on a NO list. 

You are being so nice

Imagine your attentiveness and kindness as a slice of cake. A slice of cake in a day can brighten any person’s day but to be force-fed with a cake all the time, like every day, can make him/her resent even the most delicious and fluffiest chocolate cake in the whole wide world. If you are being so nice all the time, it will drive people crazy! Give people space to breathe and slow down. 

You are boring

Well, it can be a heartbreaking reveal why your relationships fail but a relationship should not be always about you and your partner. If you don’t have other friends, hobbies, passions or plans and you just want to be with your partner all the time, he/she will eventually find you boring. They might feel pressured and be responsible to be there for you which will let the relationship be out of balance. Don’t just focus on your partner. Get a busy life, discover and try out new things. 

You have strange or off-putting habits

Other people are super observant with their partner and they notice even your tiniest habits even if some are super tolerant with their partner. You should always be aware of your behavior because it might make your partner turned off. Learn the basics of social etiquette, eating habits and your hygiene. Ask for honest feedback and work on it. 

You are selfish

99 percent of relationships fail because of selfishness. If you are the type of person who throws a big fuss when you don’t get what you want, then that might be your problem. If you are having a hard time controlling this attitude, get a coach to help you.

You are possessive and unreasonably jealous

Yes, it is good to be jealous at times because it will let your partner know that you really care. However, if you are being jealous right away with just someone who smiled at your partner or someone your partner looked at accidentally, you need to work on it. Jealousy can be a lack of trust and trust is important in a relationship. You need to find what makes you insecure or jealous within you so you can work on it and sort it out. 

Relationships can work and last long if both of you will work together to sort things out even the things within yourselves. Happiness can be found in good relationships but good relationships always start within yourself and not within anyone else. 

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