How Can I Recognize Love from Affection?

How Can I Recognize Love from Affection?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between love and affection? Maybe there are times you think and ask yourself, “How can I recognize love from affection?” You can’t help but think about love and affection meaning that they are very confusing because somehow you experience this in real life. Most of us always thought affection was part of love until they experienced both and discovered that they are different.

In this world that is full of love and affection, it is important to know what is love and affection meaning. If you keep on asking yourself “How can I recognize love from affection?”, then this article aims to discuss attachment vs love as it gives difficulty to people with regards to their meanings. It also gives knowledge to readers about what is love and love meaning. Also, this article will give tips on how to show affection to the people close to your heart. 

Recognizing love from affection

Love and affection are two inseparable feelings and so they are connected in so many ways, but differ in so many things and also aspects. The main distinction between love and affection is that love is strong and deep compared to affection. Showing affection is the first step that leads to creative ways to show love. If we love a person, we learn how to be more loving and we know how to show love to someone. At that moment, we show affection for that person. But, we don’t love everyone we feel affection for and that is why people misinterpret the showing affection meaning. Love is described by many as a very deep affection, whereas affection is just a feeling of fondness and liking. 

What is love?

It is referring to a wide variety of emotions and feelings of a person. We normally feel and know how to show love to others and primarily these feelings are caring, liking, attachment and affection. It is a kind of emotion that a person feels towards another person. It is stronger and even deeper than affection. It contains romance and passion as it is always associated with feelings and butterflies in the stomach. 

Love is said to be a complicated emotion because it consists of a big variety of feelings. The kind of love we feel towards another person is different according to its familiarity and the kind of relationship you have for that person. One example is for those parents, the feeling of love for their children is different from the love they have for their partners. The love you have for your family can do anything and everything possible at your part for them, and that shows the signs of unconditional love. Words are not enough to describe what love really is, because loving someone and being in love with a person are totally different things. 

What is affection?

Feeling of affection meaning is when a person adores something. It can be kept on the heart for someone or something while the love speaks for itself. People are very good and sometimes confused about how to show affection nowadays. It means ranging from emotional affection to physical affection because emotion usually defines affection. It can be a sort of social interaction between people, friends, strangers or even pets and animals. 

Affection is actually a give and takes practice because once you show affection, you get affection in return. Sometimes people easily get confused, especially those who are in a relationship are confused about knowing how to be affectionate in a relationship. Just like taking care of people, or helping someone through thick and thin or just merely caring about someone else’s feelings can be associated with affection. It does not contain passion or romance but a feeling of care and safety. 

Difference between love and affection

  • Love is a strong and deep affection: The reason why love is stronger than affection is that affection can be done to anyone. Your friends, your family, your pets or even strangers. When it comes to the heart, you can never decide whom to love. You can never decide what your heart shouts. As love is a deep feeling for a person that you like. It is often associated with positive feelings and happiness towards that person. Because when a person is in love, it only means he or she feels something more than friends. Affection doesn’t require strong feelings at all. 
  • Affection is a smooth feeling of fondness, liking or caring: It is true that when you love someone, you care for them. But caring for everybody is a different story. You show affection and empathy especially to people you care about. Like your family or even friends.
  • Love may imply romantic love or passion: Love involves romance and passion. To the point of having a romantic relationship with that person to marrying them. Love is an emotion that is between two lovers and couples. You can love two people at the same time, but never of the same level. 
  • Affection does not associate passion and feelings: Affection merely talks about the care and you have. Just like how you take good care of things and people around you. If they are important to you, you would really show care and fondness to those things and even people. 

Wrapping up

There are so many reasons why people get confused when it comes to love and affection. A lot of people out there will be asking ‘How to recognize love from affection?’ most of the time. However, it is normal and acceptable because everyone perceives it differently based on their own experiences and lessons in life. That is why anyone gathers information on their own. 

They say that there is no love when there is no affection involved. Well, it is true. If you just simply care about someone, it shows love but not to the point of having it on an extreme level. In the end, it is all about the attitude that matters most. We are born because of love, that is why we need to give it back to others. Because if we do good, good things will also go back to us. 

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