How Does it Feel: Entering Marriage and Losing Friends

How Does it Feel: Entering Marriage and Losing Friends


Entering into marriage is an adult thing and adult decision to make. You have to make plans ahead and dedicate almost all of your time planning towards both of your life. Marriage is not easy and it will never be an easy game to get into. Of course, after having a hard time to make her say yes it much more harder when you finally fought towards the end battle. When both couples hop into marriage, they usually think first of the wedding should be and who are the people involved in one of the most important celebrations in their life. Have you not notice that nowadays, this one of the main focuses of the people and not the ceremony itself? Funny how it seems though.

On the other side of the story, the feeling of entering marriage has some other aspects that a couple can consider. Being fully independent on their own, knowing their priorities and responsibilities, thinking about their families, losing some fun days and one of the saddest parts is losing their friends. 

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It is true that when people are entering into marriage they suddenly lose connections and thus lose friends. However, Life’s not supposed to be that way. People should not end their connection and relationship just because they are marrying a partner thus it should broaden their network and find some real new friends and help one another in forming new friendships. 

As one enters marriage and losing friends, both are creating a gap within their circles and within their surroundings. Lost friendship due to relationships shouldn’t be a reason or a cause for that situation. You don’t want to go to one side and corner of your room telling yourself that “I lost all my friends after marriage” because marriage will forever be a choice. 

Enter Marriage and Losing Friends

Most of the people who encounter this kind of feeling are the girls. Female friends after marriage are more concern that friendships might be torn apart or torn away. As we all know, females are the one that needs to submit their husbands and everything around the house. They are the ones in charge of how the hows go and how it should move. They are the guide and light through the way of their family and in guiding each one of their children and even the husband too in making decisions. 

The common feeling that one may say is that “My Best friend got married and I miss her already”. Both parties should know that life became way too different after marriage. You are not just building your life together as a couple, but merely starting a family that you plan in the future. It does not only take one step ahead and way but it takes many leaps that both of you should jump over.

Single friends after marriage tend to be single and look after you. Even if you’re a guy, your single friends will still be there for you looking out to have fun and hang-out through times. For the guy’s side, nothing will eventually change. You will perhaps then still go through with your lives just before you got married. And that’s okay. It means you and your group manage to get stable and maintain a strong bond and connection. Your spouse might actually think that your single friends are bad for marriage as they may influence your partner into bad things or ideas. However, it is still up to the person on how are they going to respond to such possible things. 

When someone enters into a marriage people always think that these are signs a friendship is ending. And this is a total no. Marriage is the start of a new phase and stage in someone’s life. At times, we need to accept the fact that every person in our lives needs to leave and grow. In all fairness; you may think that “my friend has changed for the worst” or you’ll gain some friendship issues because of this. But you really need to give out space for your friends. They are seriously living their lives too. 

Yes, there are marriage problems that every couple faces and even newly married couples can encounter but as friends, you need to be there with them to help them achieve their dreams and not to let them feel that they lose somebody. This is sometimes the reason how friends destroy marriages. Influence is one big contributor to this kind of thing. 

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Also, as a wife, you will have times that you think that your husband’s friends are a bad influence or you think that “I don’t like my husband’s best friend”. That’s normal. You worry and you are also concern about your relationship with your spouse. This is where the friends vs spouse arise. Well, your alter ego shouldn’t be your enemy in the first place. However, sometimes, girls love to find some thrill and they make some ways to find on “how to get your husband jealous”. But we don’t recommend that kind of thing, but it usually doesn’t go well. Don’t you think?


In the end, we all know that entering into Marriage is like heaven and hell. You are excited about what’s in store for you and you are scared about the real-life world situation. On the other side, losing friends is like losing yourself and leaving all your memories behind. But in real life, we shouldn’t feel this kind of thing because these reasons do not actually exist. Why not try to read some tips on how not to lose your friends to make your feeling better?

A lot of married couples are still happy and bonded with all of their friends and keep everything up until today’s era. Actually; when gathering and reunion happens you and your friends mock your single friend by letting them search online “all my friends are getting married meme” Isn’t that odd? In fact no; you can let them search too “everyone is getting married but I quote”. 

Then again, it is everyone’s decision on how they are going to respond to the situation. You don’t need to leave someone behind. Why would you leave a person who’s been there with you through thick and thin? Well, how does it feels entering marriage and losing friends after all? Nobody said it was easy getting married, but nobody said that you should lose friends because of entering marriage. Is that clear? 

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