Have You Ever Wonder how Does it Feel to be in Love?

Love is crazy and you can spend hours thinking about how it feels to be in love with someone. It goes without saying that it is only a question of what millions of people are constantly thinking about. All kinds of arts are talking about it, including songs, paints, and music, it is the magic power that holds us together.

Knowing that you are in love is a different feeling for everyone. Some people fall in love often and know their feelings well, and some may not know, whether it is a lover or just a deep enthusiasm.

Fortunately, your body has some ways to let you know whether or not these feelings are overcome for your Partner. If you’re wondering if you’re really in love, pay attention to the signs your body gives you.

You are always looking at them

If the person you like looks at you and finds you staring at them with love, this can be a sign that you are in love. Eye contact means you are sticking to something. So if you find that your eye adheres to your Partner, you can simply fall in love.

Studies also revealed that a couple who made along eye contact said they felt a stronger romantic connection than a couple who did not. In a study, strangers, when they lock their eyes for several minutes, reported about romantic feelings.

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You are feeling high

When falling for someone, it is really normal to feel out of your mind. 

Another study found that the human brain when in love looks similar to the brain of someone who is addicted to cocaine. Due to dopamine, which is noticeable in both cases, for that feeling. 

It is a good explanation for those who are in a new relationship and they act weird. 

You think about them all the time

When you are in love with someone, you feel like you cannot get them out of your head.  Because your brain releases phenylethylamine, it is also known as the love drug. When you are in love with somebody, this hormone creates a feeling of charm with your partner. 

You may be feeling that you are in love because chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which may explain why you cannot stop after just one bite.

You want them always to be happy

We can say that love is a complicated word, but when you are falling for somebody you will notice that their happiness is really important to you now. 

If you find yourself doing things you usually do not do like keeping your partner dry while walking in the rain or cooking them dinner while you are really tired and you need to sleep, it is absolutely a sign you are in love with them. 

So much stress

Love is often linked with warm feelings, but can also be a source of great Stress. In love, the brain often lets off the stress hormone called “Cortisol”.

So if you find that your patience has been tested a bit more than usual or you are panicking, you may not have to wear an anti-Stress Ball at this time. You can only be in love.

Less pain

Falling in love with someone can be painful, but if you notice that you are not literally disturbed so much, this can be a great sign that you are in love.

A study showed that some participants were able to see up to 40% less moderate pain and to 15% less severe pain when looking at images of people they loved.

Experiencing new stuff

In the beginning of a relationship, everyone wants to impress their loved one. However if you started trying new things that your partner admires, like watching some football matches, listening to the same taste of music, or eat they preferred food, you may have been into deep love.  

In fact, one study found that those who said they were in love often had different interests and personality traits after being into a relationship. Even if you do not like this Square Dance course with your Partner, it can have a positive effect on your personality.

The gross stuff is not a big deal

You can be in love just when you are a notorious, totally cool germaphobe to kiss your Partner after you have seen them picking their nose. In fact, other studies have shown that sexual arousal has priority over disgusting feelings. 

So that means if you are really attracted to your partner, you may find everything they do attractive. That what we call love. 

You get sweatier​

If you have nausea and sweat or you have abdominal pain you may be in love. According to a study, you feel sick when you fall in love, and you may experience physical symptoms similar to anxiety and Stress like sweat.

If you feel really comfortable with your Partner, this feeling will probably go away, but it may be a good idea to take the extra fabric with you only for safety.

It is peaceful as time goes on

Despite the emotional roller coaster ride, which you can keep first when you experience love, the thrill shifts over time towards peace. True love is like a calming wave that overwhelmed you.

If you have any questions or feedback, mention them in the comment section below, we will be so happy to help you!

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