How Hard it is to Walk Away From Your Love?

How Hard it is to Walk Away From Your Love?

This topic is not easy to talk to. It’ll probably take someone to have a lot of courage for them to discuss this kind of topic. Walking away from someone you love is the saddest and hardest thing to do in a relationship. Whether it’s for a good or bad matter. Like what they say in the song.
 “It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do. To look you in the eye and tell you I don’t love you. It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever have to lie, to show no emotion when you start to cry”

It’s the hardest thing. You should listen to it on Spotify or Youtube, you’ll feel the sadness flaming inside your body. For whatever reason or purpose it may be, walking away from someone you love can be a similar feeling to migrating to another country, watching the love of your life get married to somebody, waiting for your salary that has been delayed so many days, wanting that shoe from the store but you can’t afford or even worse dying the feeling inside. 

Of course, you cannot tell people to move on. Moving on is not as easy as tearing up papers into half. Moving on requires process and strength. You need to have a lot of courage just like before you met and telling how you like each other. Isn’t that nostalgic? There’s that same feeling you’ll possibly encounter when you’re just starting a relationship, ending a relationship or walking away from your love. It’s like happening over and over again. 

True enough, love is a cycle that’s meant to repeat each day but with values and lessons learned. Love is like a rosary full of mysteries, there are so many things to be said and done when you fell in love with someone. You must be ready for anything that might happen sooner or later. You might get betrayed, you might get happily married or something just like in any movie. They might leave you without any valid reason. Well, that’s the scariest part. You don’t even know where to start or ask why did it happen to you or how did you do those kinds of things. 

But how really hard it is to walk away from your love? There might be a valid reason. Just like what has been mentioned above. You might be migrating to other countries and you’ve got no choice but to leave everything behind. It is one of the hardest decisions most especially when you have already valued everything to that person. From the family down to their pet…Yes, even their pets. Eventually, they are pet what your smell is. 

Walking away from your love is hard in all aspects. How can you unlove someone and walk away from him or her? That dying feeling may haunt you forever and may not stop you about thinking the days you were happy and the days you enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes, you even wish you didn’t meet him or her. But as God’s plan, you are meant to meet each other, not to hurt one another but to become a blessing in your own lives. Chances are, people who walk into your life are not always there in your life. They may be just an instrument for you to become a better person in the future. Yes, that’s very tragic. But you gotta admit that walking away from your love won’t always have to feel that negative feeling. 

It is really hard to walk away from your love, but at times it’s for the good things. This applies when you wanted to separate ways. For some reason, you need to part ways because love has fallen and faded, you found someone that’s better for you, career switch, family matters, financial reasons, and other stuff. But the hardest thing is walking away when you still love each other. No one wants to ever imagine that kind of thing happening to them without any valid reason. Don’t they?

Not every reason for walking away is about love. Sometimes you also have to choose your happiness rather than saving your relationship. We all have our own lives and it is not easy to decide on the things that are coming our way, most especially when it already talks about the future, growth, family and the common enemy: opportunities. They say that opportunity knocks only once, that’s why when it’s there, Grab it. You’ll have to leave people behind and move forward because you’ll never know what might happen in the future. It’s always a risk for now or never. 

People get tired a lot. And their only way to escape is to walk away. They don’t want the important people in their lives to bother every problem they have and create solutions that can heal them sooner or later. As always other people tell, you need to give them space and breathe into fresher air. The one suggestion would be “Why don’t you ask and go get help from NASA? They’re experts in space” This joke might be a way for them to cheer up but it won’t be a reasonable thing for them to move.

Remember, some people who have to do things like this can suffer from anxiety and depression. It’s hard to miss someone when you’ve been them almost 24/7. It’s hard to walk away from someone you love when you know you’ve also been a part of their lives. Imagine their mother asking them “Are you okay? I haven’t seen you guys together”. That’s a hit, that’s a hit in there. 

No matter what it is or what it may be, you have to be strong and get some strength from the people whom you trust. It may not be as many people like those in a Taco shop. It can only be 2-3 persons. You have to believe in yourself that you will overcome everything sooner or later and you’ll be okay. Why? Because life’s meant to be that way. Life’s meant to get hurt. Life’s meant that we should walk away. That we don’t have to stay if it’s for the good. 

We must move and neither do you. We must grow and learn to see our paths while we’re still here and making the best that we can. 

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