How Long Does it Take a Man to Know he Wants to Marry You?

It is very exciting and fun to get into relationships most especially when both of you are already dating for more than two years. Fair enough and for sure, you may have known each other quite well for a long time. The way he sleeps, what are his habits, what kind of snoring or how does he snores and eventually you have met his whole family. Well, that’s a bit kind of different level.

We have different kinds of expectations and realizations when we are in a relationship most evenly when you have been so long together. You may be worrying if your relationship will step into another level kind of relationship such as marriage or having a family. For sure, that’s not even new to those girls and ladies who are wishing to marry their long-time boyfriend. When couples enter into a relationship and that commitment lasted for about 3 years and up, you can certainly expect that girls are eyeing to have their partner and wishing to live with them forever. Hopefully, guys could get this part here. 

For instance, some relationships last for about four to eight years together yet they eventually found themselves breaking up and parting ways. Yes, it is really hard to walk away from someone you love and eventually when a man pulls away from you. But when you are already in a long-term relationship it may be just a platonic relationship or queerplatonic relationship you’re dealing with, are there even signs that he wants to marry you? Or have been questioning yourself how long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you? Eventually, there should be signs that he wants to marry you someday but how could you possibly even know? We’ll try to discuss everything here in this article most especially how long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you.

How to know if he wants to marry You

You will eventually not know what he wants to marry until you see a diamond ring and he shoves everything on the way and kneels. There’s no certain amount of how and when is he going or having plans to marry you. You can certainly feel it and there are things you need to consider for marriage. Sure there are even 6 clear signs that he wants to marry you someday or signs that he wants to marry you one day. But it still depends on his capacity and his ability to perform such duty.

Take note that marriage is never just a simple decision to make. It is barely a big picture of the commitment to your relationship. It is a bond between two people which becomes one. And you have to take a lot of challenges and trials when you enter marriage. Including finances, valuable materials, budgeting, planning, creating and having your own family and a lot of different stuff too. This might be the things he is considering that’s why maybe it’s taking him so long to propose to you and take a man to know if he wants to marry you. 

Consider the fact that it may not only be the reason alone, maybe he is also assessing his partner and that’s eventually you. Men are not gonna choose women whom they think can be the ones to provide care and love with the family he is going to create. You have to understand that they are also building themselves towards husbandhood or fathership before taking into account a large responsibility they are going to make. Don’t spend to much time on “signs he wants to marry you” quiz. All you need to do is understand what they are going through. You may not know he is busy planning your future days.

There might be some early signs he wants to marry you or your boyfriend says he wants to marry you someday or he may be seeing signs that he wants to propose to you someday. But sometimes communication is fairly needed for both of you to maintain and positive aspects of your relationship. Some of those guys may act like he is your husband and shows some signs that he’s ready for marriage which is a good sign. However, do note that even these things are being visible to your partner, acknowledge that planning and communication are merely needed for both of you to be intact and align with each other. 

Partners who usually don’t have goals end up unhappily because they thought they’d be together for the rest of their lives. Keep in mind that you should act first and then move along the way with your decision. It may take him a long time to decide on how or when he wants to marry you but for sure he has better plans ahead. Sometimes you just really have to trust the process and trust your partner as well.

How long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you? It may be years, months or days depending on how he assesses everything else. But it doesn’t have to be much longer than what you are expecting. If both of you are dating for more than 10 years and still haven’t heard any plans from him? Then, you should probably think about and do something. He might not be so sure about the both of you. You will eventually see some signs that he thinks you’re the one and some signs that he wants to marry you. 

Signs if he wants to marry you

To be well guided, we’ve jotted down some signs that may convince you that he is wanting to marry you after all.

  • He’s Open about the Future
  • He’s very vocal about everything and tells you he wants to marry you
  • He can’t get enough over you
  • He wants you to live with him or he simply wants to live together
  • Eventually, you are invited to every important event
  • He misses you and only sees you as his one true soulmate


You may not know if he is planning something ahead of you or not. Like what we’ve said, you have to trust the process. How long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you isn’t measured by time alone. It is measured by how he is ready to face the responsibility and his ability to be the head of your relationship. It still may be hard for him in entering marriage and losing his friends. Even if you know some signs he wants to marry you in psychology, it will still never change. It will only draw to his capabilities and abilities. And you too, need to be ready in all aspects.

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