How Long Should You Keep Your Secrets to Your Loved One?

How Long Should You Keep Your Secrets to Your Loved One?

Keeping secrets are quite a big deal nowadays. In our lives, we all have our secrets and we tend to tell it to the person whom we only trust the most. Secret which involves relationships, life crisis, families, crushes and even secrets that might venture out into some shocking revelations. Whether it is important or not, on what aspect or point do you have to take that secret from other people and for how long should you keep that secret?

Well, in particular, secrets are often about love. And if you have a crush on someone, you only usually say this to people like your best friend or your closest friends. Going back to the question above and going deeply beyond everything else, you might ask the question “how long should I keep my secret for my love?” It’s a non-ending question because there could be a lot of reasons for keeping a relationship secret or on how you should keep or should not keep that secret love of yours.  

Keeping secrets for your love

How long should you really keep that secret for your love? Some people are often afraid to show off their relationship and to tell the whole world that you are in love with one another. The probable cause might be because you are afraid that the world and the people out there will judge you for who you are and what you do with your relationship. Nonetheless, you don’t have to be bothered about the people’s opinions and judgments in life. They will always be there to judge you and talk about things that you may not like. 

Lowkey relationship

At some point, you will also think about the meaning when your girlfriend wants to keep your relationship a secret. Have you thought of she wants something better off the world to know? In general terms, she wants to have a lowkey relationship and deal with your relationship privately. Asking the same question again, is it okay to keep your relationship lowkey? Well, keeping your relationship in private and in lowkey will make both of you both more closely to another. All along, you will develop some healthy relationships and might be able to overcome every problem you may encounter in your life. 
Having lowkey relationships makes both of you become more focus on your relationship and be strong for one another. For instance, a couple who does not show their love more often or is not showy online is more likely to be successful and become partners until the end. It is not that those people who show their relationship more online won’t succeed in their love life. However, these lowkey couples are more aware of how their relationship will go throughout their couple’s journey. 

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your relationship private but don’t hide the fact you’re in one. Some partners tend to deny that they are currently in a relationship which may make the situation worse. This shouldn’t be a reason for you in keeping friends’ secrets from a spouse. 

Having Untold Secrets to your partner 

On the other hand, Aside from question for how long you should keep your secret for your love, there are secrets that have been said and undone. Like secrets, you’ve told anyone, even your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend. Do couples really have to tell each other everything? 

The answer is simply yes. Your marriage is all about commitment and trust. And thus, if these values are not present then why call it a bond? For sure, you have reasons for that kind of matter but you have to understand that sharing everything in a relationship makes you grow stronger and grow deeper in love. You wouldn’t want yourself scrolling down through keeping a relationship secret quotes or asking the same question to yourself “why is she or he is keeping a secret from me?” over and over again. Bear in mind that transparency is always the key for any relationship to be successful. 

Dealing with a partner who’s having secrets on their own is quite hard to manage, you’ll go some trials and challenges over and over again You might be suffering from this kind of situation because you are in a long-distance relationship or you experience being cheated many times and you did not know how to surpass cheating in your past relationship. However, then again you have to trust and respect each other over and over again. 

Things you can do with keeping a secret.

One thing that you may do is keeping a healthy distant relationship. Sometimes, being distant from one another makes you feel both comfortable with one another. Space is very important in a relationship. This goes along with maturity which needs to be built along the way. They say that organic relationships last until the end because they are the one who matures and grows through the relationship through well. But it still differs from how you and your partner are going to make things right and easy. 

Sometimes, you also need to keep your relationship interesting. Most of the time you think that “my boyfriend is boring “or the other way around. Then why not go somewhere where you could talk to one another and talk about something you’d like? Reveal secrets that might eventually help your relationship sooner or later. Get and read some exciting project hacks you can do with your partner and take something up to the next level. 


In the end, it’s always a battle between you and your partner. Sometimes asking the question of how long am I going to keep my secret for my love means letting them know the real secret at all possible cost. There are many things that make a good relationship and one thing with that being honest with your partner. It may be hard, but keeping secrets for too long to anyone can harm you both in all aspects. 

Keep in mind that relationships are always two ways, whether you are keeping a secret for too long because you want a lowkey relationship or you just want to protect someone or something. Read some love advice for guys or love advice for girls to strengthen your relationship and be able to overcome such things. 

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