How Often do Married Couples Fight?

Marriage is one of the most sacred covenants between two people. You face God as the center of your relationship and tell promises with each other. As you state, both of you will endure your love forever until you die and even through sickness and in health. For some, marriage can be arranged wherein parents enter into a bond and pair with you some acquaintance that you might not know yet or have not even bonded. Well, as for that part, that is still quite traditional and some cultures in other countries still follow that certain kind of rule. 

However, in marriage, you can never tell when both of you are going to fight or argue about a certain matter or thing. If you are in a relationship right now, you might have thought of how do couples fight. There are a lot of invalid and valid things to go or went through a fight though. But to survive, one must submit and communicate to the partner to fix things right. Who wouldn’t want a relationship that would just end because you did not meet each other’s expectations right? 

For instance, how often do married couples fight? Do they fight and argue about things? Or eventually, they just let things passed out of their way. Most probably, you have seen your parents fought but not right in front of you. Then if that’s the case, have you ever wondered how often do they fight? To give us a better perspective on that kind of topic, here are some of the things that usually bother your mind. How often do married couples fight? Is it every day? Every other day? Let’s find it out through here! 

How Often do Married Couples Fight

Typically this not some way if you wanted to have a healthy reason to be in a relationship with your partner. Fighting is always stressful and causes your anxiety from time to time. It can loosen up your screws and eventually break up with your partner as soon as you realize that everything is getting over and over again. You will then took an action and call for a divorce with your wife and husband. Eventually, it is not easy to cope up with divorce and separation most especially when you have kids to be left.  

So with regards to the question of how often do married couples fight? The answer would always depend on how many times you and your partner argue about certain things. There is no literal average amount of times how a couple or even married couple argue but rather how you eventually put things up together. The modern relationship today lacks the value of communication with each other. You do know how to start a fight but eventually doesn’t know how to end things right. 

This might cause a toxic relationship not only for both of you but a toxic family relationship including your children. It’s always hard to argue with a person but you always have to go beyond the reasons why you are both arguings. It may be because he or she is cheating with you, something related to career and work or there could be about why affection is important in a relationship. Whatever it is, it is not good for everybody. 

You can disagree all day and fight for you mostly believe in but don’t compromise your relationship just because you are arguing with one another. Note that there are some tips on how to avoid arguing with your girlfriend or even married couples. It is not only you who will suffer but eventually the people around you. 


Arguing and fighting is a part of everyone’s relationship. You can never tell when it will occur. You just need effective communication and talk over things with your partner hand-in-hand no matter what will happen. So, how often do married couples fight? It is up with both of them on getting things worse. 

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