How to Ask a Girl or Your Crush to be Your Valentine’s Date?

How to Ask a Girl or Your Crush to be Your Valentine's Date?

How to ask a girl or your crush to be your Valentine’s date? Love is in the air! and as the season of hearts soon prevail many men around the continent may looking for a date this upcoming valentine’s day and sure it can be scary due to the rejection in it but it can be a test of experience that can prove how valuable you are in the dating world. 

Asking a girl or your crush out during Valentine’s day can be as simple as it seems but it is a terrible situation that instigates fear and regret when rejected and with that said here are some of the Valentine tips and tricks on how to ask you crush on Valentines Day!

Ask your girl out in a neutral-toned room:

Girls today are different than the girls before and anything that a guy seems to do before when asking a girl out on Valentine’s day or any general date would seem cringe.

That is the reason why the power of subtlety works so well in the modern dating world, asking you a girl or crush in a place where it seems so irrelevant and unromantic can be the best place to ask a girl out.

Just understand how so much pressure a girl is in if she is put in a situation where you have set up a nice guy romantic place to ask her out. Having her asked out in a neutral room such as in the workplace, a shopping mall or a restaurant makes the proposal seem more casual and more romantic.

Try to send a confident tone and body-language while inspiring a degree of positivity and flirtation:

Charm can be one of the most undoubtedly important attraction skills guys must learn in order to have successful dates, even if you’re the most handsome guy on the scene if you’re projecting a degree of lack of self-confidence or boredoms then you are worthy of dating at all.

When asking for your girl’s hand there will be a general success if you project inner confidence and charming flirtation, even if you don’t feel like going into her it is very important that you display this confident facade of you, it makes you attractive and more pleasing.

Send out some attractiveness vibes to boost your chances of getting a date

Science has proven a lot of great ways to make your girl be attracted to you some of the scientific ways to make sure your crush says yes to the offer are as follows:

  • Wear attractive colors and style it with fashion, girls are attracted to well-dressed guys and colors that really suits their skin tone.

However, some colors have been proven to boost your attractive levels. Studies have shown that wearing black is a great way that indicates sophistication, elegance, power, and reliability which exudes your sexy confidence if you think that black is too grim this valentine’s day try wearing the traditional red which indicates love and passion.

Studies have shown that men wearing red are perceived as more handsome, wealthy and aggressive by their female counterparts and studies also show that men wearing red are seen as having a more competitive streak.

  • Eat aphrodisiac foods a week before asking your date out

Before trying to ask her out be sure to eat good and healthy foods that can boost your physical attractiveness, green vegetables, and colorful foods add up to clear up your skin and makes your eyes as white as possible.

Some foods have been also known to boost a man’s pheromones which can make a man seem more attractive to women, some of these foods are oyster, celery, garlic, spirulina, fenugreek, and Korean ginseng

  • Improve your voice tone

Studies have shown that a low deep “husky” voice can make you more impeccably attractive to women than having a high-pitched voice, this characteristic indicates that a man has high testosterone levels.

Try developing a husky voice by practicing your speech and tone development or you can try hiring a voice coach to help develop this masculine voice. 

Respect her decision

Whether you know her from your work or school, or if she’s your friend or someone you know, it is always important to remember that love and romance will always be two ways and you cannot force someone to be your date if they don’t really like you.

Always make sure that when she says no to the offer you will have a kind heart by accepting her decision and be altruistic about it. Don’t let your confidence subside and just be yourself.

Valentine’s Day exists regardless you’re in a relationship or not!

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