How to Confess Your Love? Learn That Here

Love cannot be described in one term or word. Telling someone that you love them may not be easy, especially if you do that for the first time. You think of their reaction if they will say “I love you “too? Or will they be shocked and lose interest? So many questions could go into your head when you decide to finally confess your love for them. To help you with that here are some tips you can follow when you decide to confess.

When to say it?

A human in general likes to hear the word “I love you” for the first time before doing any sexual actions,” If you say it during a post-coital haze, they may wonder if you really mean it. Also, avoid your confession when you are drunk or during passionate sex.

Pick the right time

For sure there will be the right time to confess your feelings for the person you love. You cannot just say it in the middle of a conversation. You cannot also force the other person to respond. There should be no pressure, what matters here is pure honesty and real feelings. You want it to work and finally have the person you ever loved. Thus, wait for the perfect timing to tell them how much they mean for you.

You can say it during a romantic date, or when you are having a serious and positive conversation at the same time about your relationship. There is no specific time for this. You will just feel and know it in your heart that it is the right moment.

Say It Right

It is advisable to do this face to face, not by messages or by phone calls, let them see the love in your eyes wither you whisper into their ear or you scream it in front of them with joy. After you have said it for the first time, leave a love note in their briefcase, pocket, repeating your feelings. Call them during the lunch break and tell them how important they are to you. If they are planning a trip, either hide the love letter with his toiletries or tell them how much you miss them already and that you cannot wait for them to come back.

 Take it slow

Do not tell them right after the moment you sit down with them. Take it slow, talk about the topic by starting to discuss the positive aspects of your relationship or friendship. Tell them how you feel about your relationship. Don’t ask them about what they feel, it might feel like you are forcing them. Allow them to feel good about your talk and they will respond as well. Then, tell them when it feels right.

Loving actions

Speaking the words is less effective than showing love through actions, both men and women may find the action part more attractive. Listen to them when they start talking about their feelings and their confessions. Snuggle and share your positive opinion with them. Support their accomplishments and let them know that you are proud of them. let them also know that you appreciate the small actions they do for you.

Be confident

you have to stay calm and confident while you are confessing your true feelings for the first time because it may feel a bit dreadful. However, you need to be sure about yourself so that they will feel you and believe you. The way you tell them you love them will affect how they react. So, do not start with “I don’t know if I should tell you.” or “I have something to tell you,” or ” I was thinking that I should tell you”  This will make the conversation go very serious in a negative way.

Limit your expectations

Expectations only bring disappointment. So, when you confess your love, do not expect much in return. Do not strongly believe that they will say they love you back. And do not say the word “I love you” because you want to hear them saying “I love you too.” If he tells you the opposite of what you were expecting, you will end up by a heartbroken, that is why you need to limit your expectations and get ready for a NO.

Say that you love them because you do, you have to be honest with your feelings first before confessing, and the important thing is that you are ready for any kind of confession results you may get. If they feel the same, then congratulations! You have just taken your relationship to a new level!

If you have any feedback or question do not hesitate to share them in the comment section below, we will be happy to help you!

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