How to Deal With Selfish and Inconsiderate Boyfriend?

There comes a point in a relationship that the true colors of your partner will come out. Especially when you two were together for a long time. That’s why they always say that there is no perfect relationship, there will be conflicts along the way and hardships. You just need to know how to deal with it, because if you don’t, then you would probably end up losing and not loving yourself anymore.

The attitudes of a person that could ruin a relationship, regardless if they are in a relationship or they were born that way, are about being selfish and inconsiderate. Sometimes these attitudes come up later in a relationship. And worst? They end up in an undesirable way. If you are a woman, and you experience such a terrible attitude of your partner, do you know how to handle it? If you want to save your relationship and if you want to know useful tips on how to deal with your partner if he finally reveals his true colors, then this article is best for you. Learn and understand why they act that way and discover ways on how to make it alright. 

Selfishness and being inconsiderate

Selfishness is a kind of personality that is always putting yourself first most of the time. In a relationship, getting a guy who has a selfish attitude and being inconsiderate is unbearable, but can be stopped. Stopping him from being so selfish and inconsiderate is never an easy thing to do. He can be disrespectful to you, acts mean all the time, always takes you for granted and no plans for you at all are just some of the actions to show that he is inconsiderate and worst, selfishness.

 Inconsiderate on the other hand means not being thoughtful. Your boyfriend doesn’t care anymore about how your life is going through. He tends to focus more on himself and not minding that you exist. He is being caught up about how well he is going through in his life. 

These attitudes when brought in a relationship usually cause conflicts and damages. In all sense, these need to stop. 

Signs that he is selfish and inconsiderate

When you are in love, it’s always a no big deal to your partner’s negative qualities. After all, nobody is perfect and we all have dark sides and that is the main fact. But always make sure that there should be limitations to make.

Do you see your boyfriend being so self-centered and not being considerate all the time? Are you annoyed with this kind of behavior because you know to yourself that you are never that kind of person? If you think that you might be dating a selfish guy, look at these signs:

He talks about his life too much 

He forgets or never asks about your day or how you’re feeling. In a relationship, it is always nice to have someone who asks and care about your day. But in this case, he is very busy talking about himself. He is confident about telling every account of his day. But when it’s your turn to tell yours, he seems uninterested and gets bored right away. He is merely showing his selfishness at its finest.

He ignores your emotions  

The argument is normal in a relationship. But if his reaction to every single argument or even conflicts you encounter is not making him care or he tries to finish it as quickly as possible or not caring about your feelings, then he is a complete selfish. Even if you burst out of your tears already, he doesn’t care at all. 

He is always making use of his pride 

He is not making anyways first. It should always be you. Every time you two fight, you will always be the one to say sorry even if it is his fault in the first place. You easily apologize for shallow things just to make him okay. He can always go on with a cold fight or not speaking with you in days unless you make the first move. If he is an ego-centered person, then he is a selfish dude. 

He would rather hang up with friends than with you 

Well, there is nothing wrong if he makes time with friends, but it would be better to spend more time with you more often. There can be times that both of you were busy and your schedules don’t always coincide, and that’s acceptable and it happens but you should always make sure to make time with one another once in a while. If he prefers to spend time with his friends, then there is probably an issue. He must be very selfish and inconsiderate.

He is in control of every situation 

If he is a control freak, then he is undeniably selfish. In every relationship, decision making should always be done by both parties. If the other does not agree, you should always make a way to solve it. One should not overpower in a relationship. You two are the bosses in a relationship. 

He is not sacrificing for you

Always remember that you are one of a kind girlfriend. And like what other women do, you have this cheesy side of yours like surprising your boyfriend or going that extra mile just to be with him. But does your boyfriend do the same? If not, then he is insensitive and selfish. Efforts, no matter how small or big it was, make a big impact on the relationship. He must at least make you feel like you are a queen and you are important, but if not, you better think twice.

He always wants you to be with him always but won’t do the same for you

You are his emotional support, but he is not when it comes to you. He is stressed with his job and he wants to see you just to talk about his day at work. But the moment you try to share what is going on with your life, he always changes the topic. And next thing you know he will sleep or just wanted to do something that would end up making you feel unimportant. 

He Doesn’t Care if You Finish 

Yes, couples always spend time in bed. And if you happen to date a selfish guy, your intimate moments would all be about him! In the sense that, once he is finished, and you are not, he would care less and just go right away to sleep. He doesn’t mind if you are satisfied or not. He is more than a selfish guy, he is a selfish lover.

If you see these personality signs with your boyfriend, then he probably is selfish. You must address this issue with him because if not? You will just end up hurting yourself and make you feel less worthy. These attitudes should be discussed with your partner because the attitude of being selfish and being inconsiderate should never be tolerated. 

Wrapping up

In every relationship, equality and selflessness should be observed. Nowadays, there could be a possibility of dating someone selfish or self-centered. It happens because even you could be selfish at times. Just be aware of those instances that you can become selfish.

The first thing to do in dealing with a selfish lover is by opening your eyes and admit to yourself that we really can’t have the best relationship we ought to have. But if the behavior or attitude gets worse, you should discuss it with your partner right away. It should never be tolerated nor practiced in a relationship. Egos and pride should always be set aside most of the time. In able for a relationship to work and last, couples must have understanding and selflessness.

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