How to Detect if Someone is Cheating Early in a Relationship?

How to Detect if Someone is Cheating Early in a Relationship?

Every start of a relationship, there is this feeling of floating on cloud nine. The sweetest words, the loveliest gestures will be noticed on two people falling in love with each other. The getting-to-know-each-other stage can be a serious stage for two lovers. This will be the time that they might or might not get comfortable with each other. And when someone did not find that intimacy vibe with their current partner, they tend to find someone else. Find out how to detect if someone is cheating early in a relationship.

Why do people cheat?

Before you get into how to detect someone is cheating early in a relationship, you may want to know why someone can cheat with their lover.

1. Falling out of love

As much as you want to love each other forevermore, some couples just drift apart as time passes by.  In this case, cheating might be the only way of getting some excitement and a sense of renewing.

2. Being able to feel unloved

In advising, we frequently utilize the term ‘love languages’ to portray how individuals express warmth to one another. Some couples communicate more verbally by saying pleasant things, though others might favor specific physical love actions by snuggling or kissing. If this is the case, that may have an effect on you being disliked – and possibly more open to the affections of somebody who appears to get you better.

3. The fear of commitment

Some people tend to cheat in a relationship when they sense that their partner will be their responsibility anytime soon. In this case, getting married, engaged or if you two became pregnant. An individual tends to loose their end and drop everything in the relationship by finding someone, no strings attached.

4. No life balance

Partners who find time as an elusive factor in a relationship tend to cheat with someone who they always have time with. Partners who can’t find the time to talk about their relationship have this gap that they want to be filled by someone else who is always there beside them.

5. Insecurities

Some people have low self-esteem. These people tend to get much attention as they want, and if they did not have enough from their partner, they tend to get it from others until they get what they want. 

Cheating early in a relationship: what to look out for

You’re now in a relationship, and you are just starting to know your partner. Every move and attitude that they show you, you think that they’re normal. But what if they aren’t? Know some of these signs that will tell you if your partner is cheating early in your relationship.

1. Distance

Distance is normal between partners especially if they are engaged in a long-distance relationship. If your partner is beginning to like someone else, this sign will be inevitable. They re always busy, with some unending alibi about where they are and ought to be. These excuses are well-detailed and crafted but cannot be verified by its correctness.

2. Avoidance or coldness

Couples who are serious with each tend to plan their future often with hope and joy in their hearts. But watch out for the sign wherein your partner likes to avoid the future talk. They might become distant and nervous when you want to plan your future with them and instead, changing the topic that life is too short and you should look at the moment in front of your eyes rather than the future. Well, your partner might want to plan their future with another individual if this is the case.

3. Distractions

A partner who is beginning to cheat tends to distract you from the things that will lead you to the truth. Some of these might include, hours browsing the internet or playing video games. Cheating with another person often begins at home, sometimes just to avoid spreading of rumors that may get into you. Cheating is associated with online chatting and texting, so watch out if they are hiding something from their inboxes.

4. Indifference

Couples love to do cuddly things with each other and tend to initiate activities together. These activities are initiated for the partners to be closer with each other physically or emotionally. If your partner lacks interest in intimacy, maybe they are meeting their needs from another individual. 

5. Accusations

Does your partner tend to blame every fault and lackings to you alone? And with you doing nothing wrong but loving them? Well, think twice or maybe thrice. Maybe they are up to something, like being cuddy with another person and, but not limited to, leaving you anytime soon for another cuddle buddy. This aspect of cheating leaves a noticeable mark for you that you cannot hide until several relationships.

6. Mindfulness

Your partner starting to ask where you are and what time are you coming out of work or home is a sign that they are concerned and worried about you. But wait, is it also a sign that they are cheating you with someone else? And that they want to know your schedules because you might catch them in the act? I do think so too.

7. Confrontations

You are like the police that solves everything when putting the pieces of evidence together, and you present it to your cheating partner. They tend to be so defensive because you blew their cover. Well, that is convenient for you to tell that he is likely cheating you with someone else

Cheating in a relationship meter

It is hard to tell if your partner is cheating on you based on small details when you are just beginning to know each other. At the start of every relationship, it is hard to interpret the behavior and attitude that your partner is showing you. Detecting something suspicious may just lead to the accusation of being paranoid and maybe an aspect to keep their temper high and turn the tables towards you. Well, the start of your relationship or not, you must hold your guard together and always be ready to conquer a paradigm shift in your relationship.

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