How to Detect Termite Damage

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Termite damage in Malaysia  is often hidden from sight, but that doesn’t mean it won’t occur. Unlike many insects that you’re likely to see, termites are stealthy eaters of wood that can go years without leaving any visible sign of their presence.

Despite their stealthy nature, termites can have devastating effects on your home, resulting in the need for costly repairs to structural elements. Fortunately, there are several ways you can detect termite damage and minimise the damage before it gets worse.

Termite Damage in Malaysia: Causes, Signs, and Prevention Tips

The first sign you may notice that termites have infested your home is wood that appears fine but feels hollow when pushed. This can be a sign of subterranean termite damage, which is the most common form of infestation.

Second, you may start to notice the telltale signs of termite tunnels in the wood. This can be easily verified by tapping on the surface of the wood with a hammer or screwdriver handle and listening for a hollow sound.

Third, you’ll probably start to see fecal spotting in the damaged areas. This can be a sign of recent termite activity and is usually found in places where termites have entered the wood from water ingress.

Regardless of the type of termite damage you’ve detected, it is important to contact a professional immediately. These pest control professionals can remove the termites and take steps to prevent future infestations. If the damage is severe, a professional will need to replace any wood that was affected and strengthen the structure so that it doesn’t sustain another termite infestation.


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