How to Get Your Husband Jealous and Wants You More

How to Get Your Husband Jealous and Wants You More

Have you ever felt the need to know how to make your husband jealous and want you more? You might ask, “why do I need to make my husband jealous?”. When you feel that your husband starts to ignore you and doesn’t seem interested to talk to you or spend time with you, you’ll start wondering why. Then you’d want to know about how to get your husband to notice you again.

There are times when you might need to exert a little more effort to keep the fire in your relationship burning. Does making him jealous work? It may be a little risky and it might backfire, but you can still try. While too much can destroy a relationship, a little jealousy can help keep the fire burning in your relationship and can make your husband pay attention to you.

There is a lot of love advice for girls, but here are some tips on how to make your husband jealous and want you more:

Go out with your friends.

Your husband should not be the only one who can have a night out with his friends. Call your friends and invite them to hang out with you. You can have dinner, watch movies or do something fun. Don’t forget to wear your best “night out” outfit. Your husband will probably wonder why you’re wearing something fabulous for just a night out with your friends. He might get jealous, thinking about the men who might hit on you.

You can also take pictures of you and your friends and show them to your husband later on. He’ll start thinking and worrying that you can have fun without him so he might start paying more attention to you now.   

Ignore his calls and texts.

It doesn’t mean you have to completely ignore his texts and never answer his calls. But you might want to keep him waiting for your response. Don’t just jump on to answer his call as soon as your phone rings. He’ll start wondering about what you’re doing and why you’re not responding. Sometimes you have to keep him waiting. (But don’t let him wait for a long time, or he might think that something bad has happened to you.)

Use the “I have to work late” excuse and stay out late.

You can tell him that you’ll be very busy at work and that you’ll have to work late. Your husband might think that you’ll be staying out late to meet someone. He might even start imagining that you have some late-night rendezvous with your hot colleague. Don’t be surprised if he tells you that he’ll drop by at your workplace and pick you up.

Be busy with other things.

Wives tend to give most of their time to their family (husband and children), housework and/or their job. Sometimes, the husband takes his wife for granted, thinking that she will always be there for him. Don’t make yourself always available to him. Do other things with your free time. Focus on things that you love to do or that you would like to learn. Make him realize he needs you, but he also needs to remember that your world doesn’t revolve around him only.

Don’t be predictable.

Some relationships fail because one of the partners starts to feel bored. Sometimes it’s the wife who feels like she’s stuck in a rut. Other times, it’s the husband who feels like there’s nothing new happening in his marriage.

So start doing new things. You can learn a new hobby. Or ask him to bring him with you to his next live football game (which you actually hate). You can also be naughtier than usual. Touch him “accidentally” when the time is not appropriate. Think of ways on how to make him want you over text while he’s away or at work. Or better yet, be open to trying out new ideas in bed. He’ll surely love it. (And he might even get jealous and wonder why you’re suddenly getting more interested in sex.) Make him want you more.

Be mysterious.

If you’re thinking about how to keep your husband interested in you, be mysterious. While there are things you should tell your husband, you should not give him every single detail of your life and your daily activities.

“Should I lie to make him jealous?”. No, you don’t need to lie. But you might want to keep some things to yourself. If he starts asking you questions, try giving short, vague answers. He’ll be curious about your sudden change in attitude.

Pamper yourself and stay beautiful.

Do you want to know how to make him have eyes only for you? Be more beautiful. And no, you don’t need expensive plastic surgery or botox to do that. You can start by paying more attention to your health. Exercise and start eating healthy. Get a facial. Go to a spa. Pamper yourself.

Put in some effort to look extra beautiful. You can also change your hairstyle or wear some makeup. Not all men like makeup and you might not be comfortable wearing some, but you can put on some nice lipstick and surprise him by looking so gorgeous he can’t resist you. He might also get jealous and think that you are trying to look beautiful for someone else.

Knowing these tips doesn’t mean you just want to make your husband jealous. These are ways on how to get your husband to pay attention to you. Sometimes we need to make some efforts to spice up our relationships. Just be careful because you wouldn’t want any “I tried to make him jealous and it backfired” moments. Don’t overdo it. Know how to be the best wife. This is one way on how to make your husband attached to you. When he starts noticing you again, enjoy the attention that he’s showering on you. Think of other romantic ideas for your husband that don’t involve making him jealous. There are so many other ways to keep your love for each other alive.

Hope you enjoyed reading these tips on how to make your husband jealous and want you more.

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