How to Handle Rejection from an Ex?

Rejection is a big word in relationship because we feel it like a knife cutting through our heart when someone rejects us; the person that we love; someone that we expect certain things from; someone that either because of the pattern of the relationship we’ve come to expect a certain response for a certain thing; or simply an expected response. Whatever it might be when we rejected we get the feeling that there’s something wrong it is also the sense of being unwanted; rejection is everywhere so ‘DEAL WITH IT.’
If you have ever experienced being rejected by your past lover, this article will help you on how to handle and deal with it. It may feel awkward and confusing but this will help you understand why it happened.

How to Deal with Rejection

Rejection is a really hard thing for a lot of people when they dealing with breakups even friendships or family it is about your ego; your emotions, about everything inside of you. A large time rejection is a universes way of telling you; you can do better. Rejection is a horrible thing, but if you get to the point where you understand that is your betterment that it happens you’ll move on quicker because you’ll say to yourself that they didn’t work out; how do I move on, then what can I do better the next time that I don’t allow that situation back in

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Are you in great pain because your ex is refusing to get back together with you these are some tips of advice on how to get overcome rejection from your ex? 

  • You going to be rejected maybe it’s because you deserve better. Maybe you deserve so much better, maybe this is a gift to you because it’s time for you to realize that the relationship that you end is nothing compared to what really you want and if you were in a long-term relationship and you got rejected of your ex, delete her/his number and in social media don’t d thing where you constantly check her/him in his/her website it doesn’t help you to get over.
  • Showing him/her that life is so much better after he/she gone and let yourself know that you love you, you are love worthy, and you are enough. The rejection coming from your ex has made you uncomfortable it makes you sad and it shows that you are not worth it, but try to think that without him/her you can be better show him/her that you are a worthy one.
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  • The capacity to feel attracted lies outside the will it isn’t a question of them not trying hard enough; remove morality from it. They were not being bad for not loving and nor were you good for waiting for them. They acted weirdly around the break-up not because they were bad indeed unsure, they just felt guilty because they’re nice which doesn’t, though; mean that they want you.
  • Accept his rejection and end all contact with him, even if it seems unbearable. By doing this, you will more easily start the recovery process and in the process you will gain respect before his eyes; seeing that you managed his/her departure from your life with maturity; focused on your value and looking to the future.
  • Do not fantasize waiting for him to change his mind. It is only natural that this idea passes through your head. However, this will only put your life on hold and prevent you from moving forward. If he/she rejected you is because you are not the person he/she looking for; which is unlikely to change. If ended after a long relationship; it is likely that after all the relationship between you and your ex was not at all healthy for you.
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  • Resist the temptation to go to his friends, since you will not only put them in an uncomfortable position, they may even lose respect for you, which will not improve your chances of reconciliation. You can also make positive changes in your appearance; self-care and way of relating to your and others ask yourself if what actions could it take to increase my self-confidence; and create positive energy.
  • Make yourself busy. When we are rejected by someone, we may experience a temporary loss of sense of control over our world and feel that everything is unbalanced, maintaining your routine can help you get back to your center; put things into perspective and bring feelings of security and relief. Keep working to work; participate in social gatherings and do some physical activity.
  • Do not embark on another relationship immediately after a rejection when being in a long-term relationship; it may be tempting to seek a new connection even if it is temporary, to feel attractive and desirable again. But a nail does not pull another nail and being realistic; it is likely that this has the opposite effect; that you feel worse.
  • When you have spent some time and are feeling happy and are feeling happy and confident with yourself; you will no doubt be ready to start another relationship; and with greater potential. Do not let a rejection stop you from fulfilling your dream of an extraordinary relationship with the extraordinary man who is waiting to meet you around the corner.

Wrapping up 

After a rejection, it is important to be able to rely on close friends and family to support you and help you regain confidence in yourself; and to receive hugs and kisses that will boost your oxytocin system to make you feel calmer. By sharing the pain; you will reduce it by half. Allow your loved ones to help you; just as you would for them in a similar situation or seek professional support to help you get back with your life what the lessons you learned, and think what you may need to learn to improve.

Give yourself time to heal; get to know yourself better; take care of yourself and process. Never sit around feeling sorry for yourself take a pause; take a step back, and realize that beating yourself up doesn’t do anything or help you in any way. Give yourself time to heal; get to know yourself better take care of yourself and process the rejection before you go out with someone again.

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