How to Know if a Girl Likes You? Signs to Avoid Being Rejected

In every men’s head the question “does she like me ? “, was repeated million times in a period of his life

Once again, what is the ideal method to avoid being rejected that understand how the girl feels before making your first step to show your feelings

But women can be hard to understand, even when they think they are making everything perfect and clear to the guy they are into

And be honest men are not good enough at reading the signs given by girls the most of the time

Obviously, when men are in front of someone that they like, it’s kind of hard because of your judgment not clear by little hearts in front of your eyes

To make it sure and you want to avoid being rejected, all you can do is to watch the details and actions that show that the feelings are reciprocal

Nothing is certain at the end, but here are some signs that can help you to figure out if the girl likes you or not.

Eye contact

In general western culture, it’s kind of awkward about making eye contact. In case it happens it’s usually in purpose. Eye contact is amazingly cherished, so in the off chance that she meets your eyes and was keeping it, it’s a very good sign.

Also, if you see that her pupils changed while talking to you, it’s an obvious sign that she’s into you.

Laughs and smiles

In case she keeps laughing at your jokes, that you are certain that they are bad, that’s a perfect sign and she has a crush on you.

When a girl is around a guy she likes, she feels herself in a good mood, so smiling and laughing during a conversation it’s a good sign for you.

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Makes plans

There’s nothing more frustrating than going separate ways with a person you like with no understandable thought of when you’re meeting each other another time.

On the off chance that she’s not feeling interested in meeting you again, she’ll likely keep things unclear, and in the other hand, if she is into you, she may ask you when she had time to have another date to meet you.

Ensure that that you can make it happen and take her up on one of the dates, to not feel that you are not interested in meeting her again, what’s can be a chance that she makes a cross on you.

Try to set plans to give her the consolation she will see you once more and understand that she doesn’t have to wait or attempting to suggest plans. and she can feel that you make the first step for her. With that, she women feel bored with waiting for you or trying to make suggestions every time.

Her friends behave differently

If she is into you, there are probabilities that her friends can know it, and you can recognize it by the reactions of her friends.

As an example, they will try to leave you both alone when you approach here or they will send indirect messages while talking to you as hints.

Overall, friends are not shy to discuss such things like that, and it’s easy for them to give you indications or clues to make you sure that the girl has a crush on you. If you are lucky, they may even come to you and tell you she likes you directly.

She’s touchy-feely

Most times some girls are uncomfortable with being touchy in public, but this rule is not always applied, if she’s into you, she’ll discover approaches to touch you, it might be just little signals.

Sometimes if the girl is touching your arm is definitely a good sign. On the other hand, she may be a tease in another physical manner, for example, energetically hitting you or notwithstanding being more straightforward if she’s sure and profoundly has a crush on you.

Replies to your messages

Once again, little details can be a prove of something good. By seeing that the girl is replying to you general, it’s a sign that she likes you.

But in the case that you entered the game of not replying to her after a long time and pretending that you are not interested, she will take it personally and it can be a reason to be cold with you.

So if you plan to play these games with girls, she will probably lose interest quickly, so pay attention to your manners because it’s all is about details.

Being nervous

If a girl likes you, she will stress at your first meeting, her brain takes a short time to analyze what’s going on.

While your first meeting she will not find words to talk even she will not have a clear idea about how she will great you: by a handshake, a hug, a kiss on the cheek, or even just stand there awkwardly.

While conversation you will notice that she find it difficult to come up with topics

If you notice all those things its a good news for you because in general, she likes you.

You catch her looking at you

Keep in mind that most of the girls are not good at hiding; If a girl likes you, she will not stop looking at you. In case you catch her looking at you many times, it is a good sign for you.

lf you catch her looking at you and she smiles when your eyes meet, or she replied to your smiles by smiling back, that will be a positive sign for you. Especially when you caught her staring at you.

She looks for you

In case that a girl comes into a place and discover you are going to be in the same place, try to know if he was looking for you when she arrives.

Just the fact that she was looking for you and checking to see if you are there it is a good sign, even she doesn’t come to you and goes to see her friends. So don’t be frustrated because it’s a good sign and that you have been in her mind.

Those little quick looks are a signal that she is preparing herself to start a conversation or a meeting with you later.

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