How to Make Love to a Woman

Everybody agrees that love is not only some letters collecting to each other to give you this word, however, but it is also an act full of feelings and emotions. How2bond will talk today about this sensitive subject and tell you the difference between love and sex and how you making love to a woman.

Love is different than sex

Sometimes some people may think that love automatically means sex, but they are totally wrong, sex is just a natural need however love is felt and how you are good at making your woman feels that she is not just a toy you use it when just need to have sex.

How to make love to a woman

Making love to a woman is not easy as a lot of people think, some men maybe feel shy and confused, the best and safest way to make love to a woman is following her instruments and by this time you will know what to do, when, where, how and why and your woman will be happy because you will do things that she loves.

There are a lot of things which you can do when you planning to make love to your woman and if you practice some of them you will do it in good way.

1. Take it seriously

Sometimes some men they try to make some jokes before or during sex, but women did not prefer this action because they translate your sense of humor into less care of her, in the opposite side when you are quite serious during sex, your woman will think that you care of her much more.

2. Foreplay should be emotional

Foreplay is very important before you make love to a woman. There are two types of foreplay, physical and emotional foreplay and women usually prefer emotional foreplay because it leaves a strong effect than the other one. It is like you are talking to the soul of your woman not only the body. Emotional foreplay can be just a romantic text message to your woman before you come back home, it will make her mood up and romantic and ready for having sex later.

3. The whole evening should be romantic

Making love to your woman is not only the action that you do on time together, it is pre-preparation, it means that the whole evening when you are planning to have sex should be romantic, you can make dinner by yourself and invite her, or you keep saying romantic word to make her mood good, tell her how much you love her and she was the right person for you.

4. Make sure the lighting is dim

One of the most important things you have to put on your mind is the atmosphere of the room, it will help you to make her mood perfect when you have a dim lighting in your room, you can use some candles to make it in romantically way and give her a feeling like she is in a movie, she will feel that tonight is for real love and not just sex.

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5. Play some slow, sexy music

The art of music is one of the shortest ways to the heart of the people. You can benefit from this point and play her favorite to build the mood that you are looking for both of you, the mood that will help you to take your time and enjoy having sex with your partner.

6. Pamper her

Pamper your woman is the most effective way to tell her that you still love her even more than before. There too many things you can do to pamper your woman such as preparing dinner based on food that she likes which is you already know, or giving her an oil massage after a long hard working day. All this can be before making love to her.

7. Pick the best place

Like the atmosphere, the place is very important when you are planning to make love to your woman, that is why a lot of people book a hotel room or going somewhere different, but the best idea is when you do it at your own home because making love is actually a privacy action, of course, you have a chance to choose the most romantic place in your house apart from your bedroom.

8. Pick the right positions for intimate contact

Too many couples are confusing about what positions they will choose for intimate contact, and usually, women prefer the positions that make them having eye contact with their men because it creates communication between partners and makes intimate contact more comfortable. So try to avoid any position that hides your woman’s face from you.

9. Make it more about her

Usually, men, they get off faster than woman, it means that they need more time to achieve their sexual needs, so is good when you pamper her and give her enough time, when you are making love to your woman put on your mind that it is not just a sex, it is about her feelings than yours. When your woman finds out that you care about her feelings more than yours and you give her more time even you already finished, she will appreciate that and love you more each time you had sex.

10. Tell her how much you care about her

Whatever you said to your woman that how much you care about her she will not feel bored from hearing that, so just keep saying that especially when you are making love to her. Talking to your woman during sex it means you still exist and feel about her, also a small touch with a romantic sentence can make her move to another world such as ( you make so happy ) or ( I love you ).

11. Take the time to cuddle afterward

One of the most important stages in making love to a woman is after you have finished. What you suppose to do is keep talking to your woman and give her a long warm hug with a kiss to tell her that it is not only about love and sexual needs as it is about feelings, emotions and how much you love her.

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