How to Make Your Boyfriend Cry in a Good Way?

Making your partner happy can be one of the happiest moments we can feel too. It is quite too important in a relationship to make your happy to maintain a happy and healthy relationship between both of you. You can certainly enjoy a lot of things together by simply watching romantic movies or telling some bedtime stories before going to bed. It may seem odd but this works for long-distance relationship couples. 

When your partner is happy, you can feel that both of you are growing in some cases in life. It is said that couples who tend to be happy are more capable of lasting their relationship longer than they ever thought. On the other side, issues and trials will arise all through the process and this phenomenon cannot be stopped. However, this kind of possibilities can make your relationship stronger than before. 

Girlfriends have a lot of ways how they can make their boyfriend happy but there are also ways on how they can make their boyfriends cry…in a good way. It’s not only possible that you can make your boyfriend cry because you are going about things, but you’re also leaving him or you’ll go through some long-distance relationship that he couldn’t take. 

For you to have some ideal things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry positively. We’ve tried to list it down here. But bear in mind to make your boyfriend too emotional! He might breakdown because of sweetness!

Things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry 

  • To me, loving you is knowing true love: It will not only make your boyfriend cry because of happiness but for sure he will be touched with this kind of words. These words are a bit intense and you would want to say this to him during your special occasions. This phrase is one of a kind. You will melt his heart!
  • Every time you smile, I fall in love with you: A smile can make a person’s mood and can make someone’s day complete. If you’ll be able to say such things like this. He might never stop smiling at you. This might also be one effective way to show your affection to him But saying “falling in love” can be considered as sweet as brown sugar. Be careful because as he might teared because of happiness, ants may come too because of sweetness!
  • Nobody can ever replace you in my life: For sure, every girlfriend has said this to their boyfriend. But telling it to your partner will be a difference. Try saying these words in a letter so that he would feel that heartfelt gratitude. Who wouldn’t cry if someone read this in the letter? Remember to hand him a handkerchief or a napkin for before his tears fall. 
  • My favorite story is the story of us: What a chill! It’s pretty to know that you appreciate your boyfriend’s actions. This sentence will make him melt and realize the things you have gone through in your entire relationship. It may be a hard and tough journey for both for you but everything is worth the risk.
  • I feel safe with you: Boys love to protect their partner at all costs. Hearing these words could also make him feel safe and much more comfortable and confident with you. These few words will not hurt him though. Well, maybe you will hurt his eyes for tearing up a little bit. 

Things to you could make your boyfriend cry in happiness

Aside from saying, you could also do a lot of things to make your boyfriend cry for joy. This list is some of the possible techniques you can do to see him overwhelming with joy. 

  • Surprise him with something he’s not expecting: Everyone loves surprises! Even your boyfriend does. Everyone cries! Even your boyfriend does. Combining these two elements of happiness and sadness can let him burst into tears. Surprise him some party, a simple celebration, a round trip ticket to another country or place or just a fancy dinner at a restaurant. Boys value the simplest to the fanciest thing a girl can prepare. No matter what it is, if they felt that it came from our heart, they will be touched and…cry.
  • Write him a Love Letter: A love letter will be a traditional way to express your love for him. However, it is much more memorable than material things in this world. Letters are treasured gifts and they are meant to recall events in someone’s lives. If you’re married, how about read some tips about writing a romantic letter to your husband? Using some seductive words to turn him on is one of the keys!  It’s a sweet move, try it out!
  • Let him do something he likes for the day: Even if you cannot stand some of his activities, he might as well try to squeeze that feeling for a short period. Let him enjoy a day for his own and do something he likes. It’s a part of yourself that shows support to his activities and how you love him very much. With this kind of approach, you will make him feel loved and happy. Expect a pool of water flowing down through the area where you are. This is something you would like to do for him, just for a difference. 

Wrapping up

Isn’t it wonderful? To make your boyfriend cry in some sort of happy way? It’s a different feeling and a different vibe when you see him awed and overwhelmed with what you have prepared for him. It may be a small thing for you but it can mean the world to him. Just like the way he surprises you during your Anniversaries or Birthday. 

For sure, he has given you many reasons to be in a healthy relationship. Rewarding him the most valuable things you can do to spare him into a breakthrough his work or his projects in his career will be a remarkable memory for him. Now, these are some of the things that you could do and say to make your boyfriend cry positively. Without a doubt, you could win a man’s heart through this! This might be the start of a step-by-step guide to impressing your man. We hope that you have found something to sneak in for your boyfriend and we wish you luck to make him cry with all of his heart! May the force of love be with you!

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