How to Write a Happy Birthday Letter to Your Dear Friend?

Sometimes one of the most heart-warming and touching gifts you could ever present to your loved ones specifically your dearest friends are the ones that are bought with money but rather a gift that is spiritually and emotionally delightful.

Yes, they are birthday letters.

A happy birthday letter is a very rare gift presentation to many birthday celebrants nowadays considering how technologically advanced our world today is, in just a few simple clicks you can greet your friend a warm happy birthday but sometimes we forget that the things we write on have a very significant and powerful message that leaves behind on the person we are writing too.

Birthday letters also have great significance since they are written by you it means that the person you’re writing is important and of great value to you which can warm their hearts. This is especially true if the letter is written in an old-fashioned paper instead of sent text or email message.

With that said we will inspire you to write a wonderful birthday letter to your friend by giving you an example, happy birthday letter to your dearest loved one or friend.

Sample Birthday Letter to Your Friend:

November 10, 2019

Dear Elijah Benjamins, 

Happy Happy Birthday to You!

Sometimes I might even wonder how grateful and lucky I am for letting fate and destiny decide that you will be my friend since the day I met you! 

You have been one of those people that have become dearest to my heart and I am so happy that I have been your friend and brother through all these years of hardships, pains, and laughter.

It sounds cliche but you are one of the greatest people I have ever met, you inspired me a lot with your passion to play football, courage, and dedication in making sure everything in your undertakings is held with and your utmost loyalty, compassion, and care to your fellow friends like me.

I know that we have a lot of disputes in the past before and it is inevitable that those things are not experienced but I am very glad that we made it up until today, still friends and growing stronger.

Thank you for being a good friend and I hope you celebrate your birthday today with laughter and joy full of fulfilled wishes, dreams and success!

Happy birthday and please don’t get drunk today! Stay happy and healthy and may all of the best things in life come to you!

Sincerely yours, 

James Burningham

Notice how the letter has some personal thoughts to it and he includes some very heart-warming trigger words, it also shows humor but at the same time presents itself in a very dramatic character.

This is how a birthday letter should be. It should be precise and accurate but at the same time, there should be a flow of meaningful and emotional words that will trigger your friend’s sentiment.

Also remember that since this is a personal hand-written letter, it must have a good tone of overall writing, good flow of words, correct pronunciation and grammar because you might just make your friends laugh instead of being touched by the letter.

Always remember that if you’re looking and creating a letter fit to your friend for his or her birthday you may take down notes on this letter or you may just write a letter that is to your purest of intent. Because at the end of the day what the heart says truly will manifest and it will be felt by others.

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