Important Questions you Need to Ask About your Wedding Venue

Important Questions You Need to Ask About Your Wedding Venue

When planning your wedding, there are essential questions you need to ask about your wedding venue. Generally, the venue of your wedding is one of the important considerations in the planning process.

If you want to ensure that your wedding is truly special and memorable, finding the right venue is important. Remember that there is so much more to the perfect wedding venue than just the aesthetic aspect. A variety of details must be considered before closing the deal.

Vital questions you need to ask about your wedding venue

There are several questions you need to ask about your wedding venue at your next meeting. Let us now take a close look at these essential questions to ask.

Rates and availability

  • Is the date that you have chosen available? If not, are there available dates or is there a waiting list for the dates?

Tip: It is recommended to visit the venues you are considering before selecting the exact date. If you have a few choices or range of dates being considered, you have a good chance of securing a spot at your priority venue.

  • Should I reserve my date in advance? Are the rates different for the certain days of the week and times as well as the seasons?

Tip: If the proposed date of the wedding is on a Saturday night during summer, but do not feel right about it, you can find more available dates on a Sunday or Friday, especially during the low season. You might be surprised that the rate for certain days is lower.

  • In the rental of the venue, how many hours are allowed? Can we arrive at the venue early and how late can we stay?

Tip: This is one of the questions to ask your wedding venue after booking. In most instances, you want your wedding to be the only event on-site for that day. If other events are scheduled before or after your wedding, it can result in reduced set-up time, limited access to the venue and can be confusing for the guests. If there is no assurance that your wedding is the only event that has been booked for the day, determine the cost if you are going to opt for a complete buyout. Do not forget to ask about how the staff manages multiple events at once.


  • Is a deposit required? Is there a scheme in the payment schedule?

Tip: As one of the questions you need to ask about your wedding venue, the “payment” part has a vital role. It is important to note that most venues will require a deposit upon signing the contract while the balance is paid as installments between the day you sign and the wedding date.

  • What is covered in the total amount? Does it include gratuity, service charges, and cleaning fees or are these additional items?

Tip: Do not be surprised to see a “++” on some items on the bill. These are known as “plus plus” which means that you are going to pay tax and gratuity on top of the detailed cost.

  • What is covered in the cancellation policy?

Tip: You must find out how long you are allowed to cancel and get a refund.

  •  Can I make adjustments to the reservation?

Tip: In instances where there are necessary adjustments to make on the wedding date, you must find out how long you can make changes without getting a fee or penalty.


  • What is the capacity of the venue?

Tip: When choosing the ideal venue for your wedding, one of the questions you need to ask about your wedding venue is the capacity. You must find out the number of guests it can accommodate. Do not forget to take into consideration the dance floor space and area for any props as well as the tables.

  • Are there restrictions on the décor?

Tip: Some of the questions to ask during the venue walkthrough is about the decorations. You must ask where the décor can be hung such as the lights and drapery. If you are going to use candles as part of the decoration theme, ask if you can use open flame candles or LED candles.

  • When can the vendors arrive for setup? Is the staff going to be involved with the setting up and clearing of the décor?

Tip: If your wedding venue is in a hotel, there is staff available to assist with the arrangements of the décor and tables. You must confirm the responsibilities of the staff in the venue so you can relay the information to your vendors.

Vendor team

  • Do you have a list of recommended vendors we can use? If we are going to bring in our choice of vendors, are there guidelines and limitations?

Tip: In case the venue you have selected does not oblige you to use their vendors, ask if they have recommended options to choose from. Take note that a vendor who is familiar with your chosen venue will know the challenges of the space. This is an advantage on your part since it makes the planning process easier.

Food and beverages

  • Is there an available in-house caterer? If so, are the food and beverages covered in the rental fee of the venue?
  • If there is no in-house caterer available, can we hire our caterer or do you have a list of recommended options?
  • What is the minimum on food and beverages?

Tip: The majority of venues that have in-house caterers often have a minimum on food and beverage that you are required to meet as part of the contract. Do not forget to ask what happens if you cannot meet the requirement as well as any upgraded options that you can add to your menu to help comply with the minimum.

Production staff

  • Who is going to be the person in charge while we are planning our wedding? Who will be in charge of the day of our wedding?

Tip: It is best if these two persons are the same but that is not always the case. Try to find out who your contact will be during the planning process since he/she will be the contact for your vendors as well. Do not forget to ask who will be available at the venue on the wedding day to ensure that everything is in order.

Final thoughts

When planning your dream wedding, do not forget to include the questions you need to ask about your wedding venue. Once you have chosen the ideal venue for your wedding, make sure that you will ask these questions to ensure a truly special and memorable day.

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