Intimacy: How Can You Get Your Wife in the Mood Tonight?

Intimacy: How Can You Get Your Wife in the Mood Tonight?

One important thing in marriage is intimacy. Yes, intimacy can be a broad topic but in this article, we are going to talk about how to get your wife in the mood, more like, how to seduce your wife when she is not in the mood. 

In reality, men can get in the mood easier than women. For women, it needs a bit of creativity. Well, there are also ways for women on how to get in the mood for your husband. A good husband doesn’t want his wife to just get it over with. A husband wants her wife to want it so there are certain ways on how to get your wife want you again. He wants her to feel as sexy as he thinks she is and he certainly wants to lift up her mood. However, how to get her in the mood fast? 

We are sure you have read some advice about how to turn on your wife through text or how to make your wife want you more sexually. Well, here are some ways on how to get your wife in the mood tonight.

Ways to get your wife in the mood 

Plan a good timing

If you really want you and your wife to get there, your wife needs time. However, you don’t have to give the excuse of kids. When the right time comes, your kids will understand why is it needed in a relationship. Sex should not be a taboo. Just plan a good timing to get your wife in the mood for it. 

Create an atmosphere for it

Your wife will be much more likely in the mood and focus on you when your bedroom is clean. If your bedroom, especially your bed, is a chaotic mess, your wife will be distracted. You can prepare some lighted candles or dim the lights. You can also play some sexy music; one of the most effective ways on how to turn on your wife instantly. 

Listen to her

Be interested in her and ask her about her day; listen sincerely. Put your phone away and look into her eyes. If she’s feeling sad, be sympathetic but if she’s happy, be happy for her as well. Be interested even at the small things that matter to her. 

Touch her, but not like that

One of the ways on how to make your wife happy in bed is to be gentle and loving. Being aggressive towards her will not work. You can touch her gently. Give her a shoulder rub or you can also tickle her back. You can also play with her hair and hold her hand. Your subtle gestures will surely be noticed by her. 

Tell her she’s wonderful

Keep your compliments non-physical. Tell her that she’s beautiful but not like a porn-star. You can tell her what makes her a great mom, a great partner and friend, and a great wife. You must be specific because the more specific you are, the better. 

Talk about sex

One of the ways on how to get your wife in the mood fast and easy is to talk about sex. What couples don’t know is that this should be done regularly. Talk about your expectations and ask her about hers because you should know each other intimately. 

Ask her what turns her on

The 7th among the ways on how to get your wife in the mood is to ask her what can possibly turn her on. Well, she may already know about it and she may not. However, it can be anything from how you dress or how you touch her. With this, you can also know if she has fantasies and help her to dig deep. 

Kiss her passionately

This shouldn’t only be don’t when you’re already at the bed. Kiss her passionately every day, when you get home from work or when you woke up in the morning or before going to bed. 

All in all, these are tips not on how to get your wife in the mood in the morning or evening. If you are sincere about it, it will make you a better husband for her and there’s nothing better than that. 

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