Is Texting Cheating?

Because of modern-day technology, communicating with people has been easier and faster. We have the internet, our mobile phones, and other gadgets. Communication with almost anyone all over the world is almost possible and real-time. Technology has changed the game when it comes to relationships. Some have met on dating sites and apps, and often communicate through texts and calls. It actually helps a lot to people in a long-distance relationship. However, it also has a downside. When you’re in a relationship, communication with other members of the opposite sex can be tricky. 

Here are 3 questions or topics that are involved in this situation. Consider these 3 questions or issues and figure out if texting someone is already a form of cheating in a relationship:

Do you do it in front of your partner?

Do you do it in front of your partner?

Some successful couples have a rule that if you would not do a thing in front of your partner, then don’t do it. Though the rule is very simple, it is very effective and helpful. So it means that if you are going to text someone but you don’t want your partner to see your conversations then you should not be having that conversation in the first place. Do not make a room for arguments or gray areas on that matter. This touches the idea of faithfulness and loyalty. If you are loyal with your partner and don’t cheat, why would you text someone whom for sure your partner won’t like you doing that? If you are going to hide it, then it means that you are guilty of something. So as simple as it is, if you can do it in front of your partner and don’t mind her seeing your conversations then that is clear that you are not hiding anything. 

Are you already being unfaithful emotionally?

When someone is in a literal relationship with someone else, that is obviously cheating. But when someone is just texting to another person, it might be harder to draw the line. When your partner channels emotions, energy and time to another person then you can feel neglected and cheated. This means that your partner has crossed the line. He is emotionally unfaithful and his actions are also obvious cheating although they are just texting. 

If you, on your side is having frequent text conversations with someone else other than your partner, you can ask yourself to determine whether you are slowly falling to the trap. You can ask yourself if there are things that you talk or do with this person that you don’t talk to or do with your partner. If you are already investing time, emotions and energy to someone who is not your partner then you already being unfaithful.

Is this situation something that you and your partner both comfortable with?

Is this situation something that you and your partner both comfortable with?

Every couple has different levels of comfort or open-mindedness. Some feel and think that as long as it is no literal sex, then it is not cheating. But others feel and think that even a small amount of flirt texts is already cheating. Some may ask how these two different thinking be both reasonable. Sometimes, it’s just about what you can live with. If both partners can live in the same manner of thinking, they are not forced or they should not force others to feel and think the same way as them. It is important though that couples should have set rules early on to avoid conflicts and to know each other’s preferences. Although some think heavily about physical cheating, emotional cheating is as heavy as well. The pain of unfaithfulness, lying and deception is something that a partner would remember for a long time. 

Although there are just 3 questions or issues tackled above, there are for sure many more things to ponder over this topic. Many have different opinions and thoughts about it but one thing is for sure: cheating is cheating, whether it be physical or emotional. Some are too lenient about the boundaries in relationships and even consider some of the things not cheating. But the truth is, those are just excuses for someone who wants to cheat or is already a cheater. They will find some reasons and validations on the certain acts they committed, defending that it was not cheating. The rules in a relationship are clear and simple. When you are committed, your time, energy, emotions and attention should be centered on one person only, which is your partner. Those things are expected of you because you are committed. When you give those things to another person with whom you are attracted also, then you are already cheating, Whether it be simple texting, it can escalate to long and frequent conversations that invite emotional attachment. There is no way that someone would give that much attention to someone else and won’t regard it as cheating. 

When you are in a relationship and found yourself in this kind of situation, do not hesitate in bringing up this topic to your partner. Let him know that you know what he’s doing and he knows where you stand about it. Let the two of you discuss this matter and make a resolution. When your partner reason out that he is not cheating then you might as well explain to him why you are feeling that way so he would know that it is hurting you. Truly, although modern times have changed so many ways in our communication and more, it doesn’t change the principle of right from wrong. Though some people may be more liberated and open-minded now, we can always put that in the right perspective. You as a partner deserves the love and loyalty of your partner completely and you as his partner, he also deserves nothing less from you. The simple logic that’s proven to produce the strongest and most successful relationships.

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