Key Signs he Doesn’t Want to Marry you

If you are dating someone, you must be sure if that will last forever or just for now. Since marriage is a huge deal, it is considered as an utmost commitment, yet not all would prefer to be in marriage. If you wanted to get married and see yourself spending the rest of your life with the person you are in right now, how devastating could it find out that you are not on the same page? It can be he just not like to get married, or he does not want to marry you, period.

No one would like to waste much time or spend years of investing love, time and all just to have a dead-end. There are certain signs he doesn’t want to marry you or symptoms that you need to consider for you to decide if it’s still a GO or a NO in that relationship you are in right now.

Here are Top Signs He’s No Plan to Pop the Question

1. He won’t provide a straight answer

Every time, a subject leads to marriage arise in a given situation, he does not address or answers straight about it, instead, he responded in a snarky or jokey way. You are lost or have no clue where is his stand on the issue, such a red flag to the relationship.

His common responses would be, ‘I need enough time’ or ‘I need to fix or change something in my life’. In that case, you don’t know where are you going, where is that bringing you now? He might also tell you to talk it another time, why need to wreck it, he’s stressed then why not talk about it right that moment.

2. He seems irritated when you try to talk about it

As soon as the marriage thing comes up, he would be angry, uncomfortable, defensive and irritated. At the bottom of it, he might be feeling extremely guilty, for he knows at the top of his head, consciously or sub-consciously that he has no plan of settling down with you. But, he does not want to end the relationship too, he’s no plan to leave that s why he felt bad not to give you the answer that you expected to. He just wishes that you will leave the topic, as he shows anger and frustration if he would face such an issue.

You must forget marriage if he can’t even provide a level or not official with the relationship you are in, it means he did not see you be a lifelong partner.

3. He doesn’t believe in ‘marriage’

He would insist that marriage has no good thing to offer, it’s just a simple piece of paper. Guys don’t express or speak in code, as he says something you would have two responses, either don’t read into it or just believe it. And, if he says that he has no trust in a marriage or does not believe in it, then trust him.

Don’t try to make this issue as a challenge, like your mission is to convert him to become a believer in marriage. Just understand it as how exactly it is if this is the scenario that the marriage thing is one-sided, either you will accept it or move on and search for someone who wants to marry you.

4. He keeps you at a distance from his close friends and family

 A big red flag in your relationship if he did not introduce yet his family and friends to you. If there is a special occasion and he does not bring you in, or let you join the friends’ hangouts if it seems he does not care much if they like you or you like them either-it can mean he is not as devoted as you in your relationship.

5. He can’t handle conflict

An element of a healthy bond is when the party can handle conflicts, it cannot be perfect especially on the men’s side where it could end up messier compared to others, but you must on it as a team. Both of you must do all possible means to come up with a resolution and work as one to get there.

They don’t fight one another, instead, they work as one against the main problem. Healthy conflicts are fine, for it is an opportunity to grow and be more mature. If he shuts down every time an issue occurs, or more on blaming your end tend to threaten you-such one of the signs he doesn’t want to marry you.

6. Does care about your plans in the future

You mentioned to him your plans like going to a grad school or wanting to settle to another country for some time…or other plans and goals in the future. Yet, it seems he does not show interest and care for not being affected by those things, it means he does not see himself with you for a lifetime. And if he talks about his plans it seemed you are not even part of it.

7. You feel pathetic and desperate 

Be honest with what do you feel about the relationship, is it a feeling of desperation and insecurity? Because this can mean that your relationship is in the loop side, or only you invested significantly. Never plead nor beg for a commitment, if he’s the right man he would commit voluntarily himself unto you and do no matter what.

If you think that most of the time it is you convincing the man to marry you or attempting to prove to him that you are the perfect wife for him if only signifies you are in absolutely on a different page. And, his page does not include bringing you in the aisle.

In a relationship, it must give and take system. Because if only one person is giving, then it no longer healthy. If you keep on seeing signs he doesn’t want to marry you, better decide now or suffer much later.

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