Language of Love: 15 Fun Ways for You to Give Words of Affirmation to Him

Words of affirmation are essential in keeping a healthy and strong relationship. If you are committed to someone, you should praise and appreciate your partner to make him feel special every day. Your heartfelt and genuine words of affirmation can make his day more special and can boost his confidence to keep going for the entire day. To help you make his day extra special, here are the 15 fun ways for you to give words of affirmation to him. 

1. Give him your words of affirmation through post-it notes 

Words of affirmation for a birthday, other occasions and even for normal days are essential. This can make your special someone feel valued. But what is the ideal way to convey these words to him? Well, one of the 15 fun ways for you to give words of affirmation to him is through the post-it notes. Before your husband leaves for work, you can write your words of affirmation in post-it notes then stick it into his wallet or in a notebook inside his bag. Just a few genuine words with a smiley face can make him smile all day long. 

2. You can text or email your words of affirmation to him 

Why words of affirmation are important? These words are exceptional because they can boost the confidence of your beloved husband and can make him feel respected and treasured. Reminding him every day how much you love him through text and email can make him love you even more. Since we are now living in a modern digital era, it is best if you use this electronic communication by telling your partner how much you appreciate his presence and you are looking forward to seeing him every day. Emailing and texting him is one of the 15 fun ways for you to give words of affirmation to him! 

3. Send him your words of affirmation through endearment or nick names

How to communicate with someone with words of affirmation? Well, the best thing that you can do is to send your words of affirmation through endearment or nicknames. You can call him cuddly nicknames like “love of my life” or “my greatest blessing”. But if you are not ready to use these words as an endearment, maybe you can learn to sign off with sweet words like “hugs” or “hugs and kisses.” 

4. Surprise him with an affirmation notes during his lunchtime 

This is one of the best 15 fun ways for you to give words of affirmation to him. This advice is somewhat similar to the act of posting a note in his wallet or inside his bag. The only difference is you will post this note in his lunch pack. This can make him surprise and can ease his irritability, especially if he is having a bad day because of stressful work. Make him feel that you appreciate all the hard work that he is doing for your family. 

5. Send your words of affirmation through mailing a letter

Yes, you read it right! Mailing him your words affirmation every once in a while can surely make him love you even more. You can include in your letter the best words to let him know you appreciate him. You can email your letter at home or to his workplace. This can surely make him smile and can surprise him. 

6. Write you words of affirmation in a mirror

Do you remember your childhood memories where you use your mother’s lipstick to write your initials in the mirror? Well, you can use that act again. Get your red lipstick and write something that makes you fall in love with him. Also, you can use a foggy mirror to write your message. In this way, you can make him know that he is special to you, and you always think of him. And also, don’t forget to draw a heart at the end of your message. 

7. Spread the good things about him

Sometimes words of affirmation through text messages are not enough. We can also make him feel loved by spreading the good things about him. Sometimes it is best to take some time talking to your friends and family and telling them how much you love your man and his qualities that make you fall in love with him. Believe me, this can make them feel great about themselves knowing that someone is proud of his good deeds. 

8. Send your words of affirmation through encouraging him 

If your husband is dealing with stressful work and he is beating a deadline, you need to listen to him when he says something about it. Once he is done sharing his thoughts, you need to encourage him by telling him that you know he can do it. You can tell him that whatever happens, you will always be at his side supporting him. In this way, he can boost his confidence; he will be encouraged to do his best in dealing with his current situation. 

9. You can send him a short video stating your words of affirmation to him 

A short video telling him why you are falling in love with him every day can do the magic. It will be awesome if you send him a short video every day. Can you imagine his smile once he received the video? Make him fall in love with you through your sweet videos. 

10. Write your words of affirmation to him through a gratitude journal 

Your words of affirmation can be extra special through your handwritten gratitude journal. Nowadays, where everything is digital, it can be more special if we write it personally and genuine. You can start by writing a few words every day. If you want, you can also write pages per day writing how you feel about him. Once you are done with your journal, you can give it to him as an anniversary gift. He will surely appreciate the effort that you exert in creating this journal. 

11. Make a list of his best qualities 

Making a list of words of affirmation can be a great surprise for him. You can write all the good qualities that you see in him. Aside from this, you can also make a list of your favorite moments with him along with your words of affirmation. To make this list special, you can make it laminated or framed. Once he sees it, rest assured that you can make him smile all day long. 

12. Make him smile through an affirmation birthday message

To make this possible, you can ask for help from family and friends. You can ask them to leave a message for him telling his good qualities and why they appreciate his presence. You can make this surprise extra special by giving him your gift along with your affirmation birthday message. This can surely make his special day more memorable and extraordinary. 

13. Acknowledge him every day 

This is maybe one of the best things to do to convey your words of affirmation to him. Acknowledging him with gratitude can surely touch his heart. If you see him achieving something, tell him that he did a great job. Your heartfelt thank you and genuine “great job” are enough to make him smile. Remind him every day how good he is and how much you appreciate his works.  

14. Send your affirmation through a photo book 

Along with your favorite photos together, you can create a photo book with heartfelt words of affirmation captions. This is very easy to create. Print your favorite photos and put it to your photo album and write simple captions. This book can be a great anniversary present for him. Rest assured that this can make him teary-eyed

15. Make an appointment with him 

Making an appointment with him can be a great way of telling your words of affirmation to him. At this moment, you can have a heart to heart talk and tell him all the reasons that make you fall for him every day. Telling him your genuine “I love you” can be a great way to make him smile. This moment is important because it can serve as your time to communicate with each other, which is considered as a great way to strengthen your relationship. 

Letting your man knows how much you love and appreciate him can make your relationship stronger. Effective and constant communication, along with words of affirmation are the best ways to let them know how much you value your relationship and your partner as well. We hope that these 15 fun ways for you to give words of affirmation to him can help you convey and express your love for your man. 

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