Learning to Hate Your Boyfriend

Learning to Hate Your Boyfriend

Have you experienced breaking up with your boyfriend because you’re just not into him anymore? Everything he does pisses you off all the time, even the smallest things can make a great deal for you. Or plainly, because you don’t love him anymore? It’s confusing, right? Do you ever wish that he is going to be the one to make a move to call it quits? Maybe you are together for a long time and you already feel that things are out of control and you are starting to feel the hatred instead of love. If you feel it, it’s about freaking time to make an action. 

In a relationship, there are always ups and downs. When everything is down and everything is not going well, to the point when you don’t want his existence anymore, you just wish everything was over. Calling yourself selfish because you want to let go of him and hating him is the worst part. If you are currently in a situation and wanting to get some tips on how to deal with your boyfriend whether be it breaking with him or making a solution nicely and peacefully, then this article would be the best one to read. Get some tips and learn to understand why most couples come to a point of breaking up and hating each other.

Potential relationship downfall

The most common denominator in a relationship is the inability to communicate well with your partner. This will lead to conflicts and misunderstandings. The worst part, you get to decide to break up with him because you are done and you hate him. Let us identify and understand the common conflicts that most couples experience nowadays. 


When one in a relationship is a liar, it would cause the other to be very paranoid and that is not healthy anymore. Lies are considered to be the number one reason why couples break up. Without honesty, the other person would lose trust in his or her partner. 

Pride and shame 

Too much pride in a relationship could ruin everything. If your boyfriend shows signs that he is an ego-centered man, confront him. You two must support each other. In a relationship, it will never be a competition. The same is true with shame. If you are ashamed of your partner because he or she is not doing well in life, it could also ruin trust and the other party would always feel down and losing her confidence.

Hidden agenda 

If your partner is hiding something from you, it could ruin your trust. If your boyfriend has any hidden agendas all over again and not sharing it with you, then it could destroy the relationship. A relationship without trust is meaningless. 

Power and control 

When it comes to a point when your boyfriend has all the power and you don’t have the authority to say something in the relationship, it’s already a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Being unfair is always a no-no in a relationship. It will cause hatred to your partner. 

 Anger resentment 

You will learn to unlove your partner if he can’t control his temper. Anger can lead to damages because anger could cause a person to do things that he is not capable of doing. It’s even worse if he can hurt you because of anger. 


 It hurts being cheated on. A partner who is a cheater and a womanizer is not worth to love. Treason hurts so bad. You will learn this the hard way but believe me, once you are being cheated on, you would be numb and you will learn how to hate that person. 

These are just common reasons for conflicts in a relationship. Watch out for these signs that your boyfriend might show later in a relationship. These are just signs that they are not worth to love anymore. 

Signs that you are giving up on him

Here are hints that you might be over your relationship with your partner or you are no longer in love with him. 

You don’t want sex anymore

Sex in a relationship plays a vital role. If you are not longing for sex, it’s a sign that you don’t want him anymore with you. This can be a warning sign that you have given up into your relationship. 

You don’t care anymore

 Everything that your partner is telling you whether be it good or bad or about the two of you, makes you lose your interest. You already care less about what’s going on with his life. His success will not excite you anymore. He bores you all the time. 

Your fight a lot more than you talk

Fighting is normal when you are in a relationship. It happens to a lot of couples. But if you fight all the time even with the simple things, you always make it a big deal.

You rarely include your partner to your plans

Remember when you two started dating, almost every event or party, your boyfriend always needs to be there. But if you are hating him already, your plans don’t involve him anymore.

You complain all the time

No matter what your boyfriend is doing for you, if you are no longer interested in him, you will always end up complaining. When your relationship is failing, you got to need some outlet. So, you keep on complaining. It’s one way of pushing him away. 

You act like you are single

You came to a point that whenever you meet a stranger, like in the subway or just another stranger from a market, and you have some little chitchat, and then that stranger asks if you are in a relationship, your answer would probably a ‘NO’. You don’t tell anyone about your boyfriend and you might be starting to flirt.

Wrapping up

Every relationship will encounter a lot of challenges and trials. If you know that the relationship that you are into is not healthy anymore, then just leave. Do not add fire to the flame. Before it gets worse, you need to make an action. If you still want to continue, communicate well with your partner. Address your concerns about the things you don’t like about him. If he loves you, he will do everything to make you stay even if you have already learned to hate him.

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